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Homemade juices for osteoarthritis

by Alivia Nyhan
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Osteoarthritis is a chronic degenerative disease that affects the joints in any part of the body. In this pathology, the cartilage that forms the joints suffer great wear or, even, they can disappear, which usually generates a lot of pain and difficulty due to movement due to the collision of the bones with each other. This is because the cartilage is what prevents the bones from rubbing with movement, since it covers them at each end.

The causes of this disorder are usually age, genetics, excessive physical activity, obesity, having suffered trauma or constant repetitive movements. If you are one of those people with this cartilage alteration, at FastlyHealwe want you to know some homemade juices for osteoarthritis that can help you alleviate the symptoms, although it is important that you consult with your doctor and follow his recommendations.

Main symptoms of osteoarthritis

Although the symptoms of osteoarthritis depend on the type of this disease, the most common signs that you may notice are:

  • Deformation in the area.
  • Constant pain that increases with movement.
  • Swelling due to accumulation of water in the diseased joints.
  • Stiff joints that creak when you move.

Carrot and celery, a good option for osteoarthritis

To make this homemade juice for osteoarthritis you simply have to wash and peel 4 carrots well and wash the stems of 2 celery, remove the leaves and chop the food. Then, add all the ingredients to a blender or mixer and consume this juice 2 times a day.

Adding a celery and carrot juice to your usual diet is highly recommended to help eliminate the symptoms of osteoarthritis. This is because celery has excellent anti-inflammatory properties and, for its part, carrot provides large amounts of vitamin A, also called retinol , which benefits joint health.

Kiwi and strawberries, ideal as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory

Another of the best homemade juices for osteoarthritis is that of kiwi and strawberries. To do this, you just have to wash the strawberries and peel the kiwi, then cut the fruits and place them in a blender or mixer with a little soy milk. You should consume this juice on a daily basis, at least once a day, to take better advantage of its benefits.

Both strawberries and kiwi have antioxidant and diuretic properties thanks to being foods rich in vitamin C and E, water and potassium; In addition, strawberry is also anti-inflammatory due to its salicylic acid content, mainly, so they are ideal both to help eliminate the symptoms of osteoarthritis, and for numerous benefits that they provide to the body.

Nettle, eliminates the symptoms of osteoarthritis

One of the most used natural products to make home remedies to relieve joint discomfort is nettle. You can choose to take a daily teaspoon of the extract of nettle leaves, which is obtained by crushing them, or dilute 3 tablespoons in a glass of water or milk and sweeten it with honey.

Thanks to the diuretic properties of nettle, which mainly chlorophyll and potassium give it, it eliminates the existing fluids in the joints that are inflamed, making the pain that this disorder can cause disappear.

Lemon, cucumber, garlic and broccoli, a rich and healthy juice

One of the best homemade juices for osteoarthritis is based on lemon, cucumber, garlic and broccoli. To prepare it, first wash all the products well, extract the juice of a lemon, chop the cucumber and about 60 grams of broccoli and then blend everything together.

This juice has numerous properties that can help you significantly reduce the discomfort caused by osteoarthritis, since each of these vegetables are ideal for strengthening cartilage and the body in general, thanks to the fact that they are composed of vitamin C, potassium, calcium , flavonoids, beta carotenes, some essential acids and sulfur compounds in the case of garlic, to name a few.

Papaya and orange, another good way to fight osteoarthritis

If you have osteoarthritis and are looking for a way to calm the annoying symptoms of this disorder, regularly consuming papaya and orange juice can help you achieve the results you are looking for. It is as simple as putting a papaya and an orange without peel in the blender, in medium cuts, and then drinking the homemade juice for osteoarthritis and enjoying its benefits.

Thanks to the anti-inflammatory powers of papaya, it is ideal for people who suffer from osteoarthritis or similar pathologies and it is recommended to mix it with a citrus fruit, preferably orange, although it can also be with lemon. This combination becomes a rich source of antioxidants and diuretic, with components such as vitamin C, carotenes, potassium and calcium. It is important that this and all the juices mentioned are only an accompaniment to the traditional treatment indicated by a doctor.

This article is merely informative, at FastlyHeal .com we do not have the power to prescribe medical treatments or make any type of diagnosis. We invite you to see a doctor in the case of presenting any type of condition or discomfort.

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