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Living with cats reduces stress and benefits health

by Alivia Nyhan
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The benefits of having a pet for our health are clear, and it is that having at home the company of a being who depends on us and who gives us his unconditional love helps to improve our mood, makes us feel less alone and more active. And happy . But it is also true that there are many pets that we can have and that each one, depending on its character, will report different positive aspects to our day-to-day life.

If you are more of a feline person, you would like to know this news: living with cats reduces stress and benefits health. Give your pussy all your love and discover why it is better for you than you think.

The character of cats helps us relax.

We know that felines have an independent character that makes them excellent company without demanding constant attention all the time. This agile and calm character of cats contributes to reducing the levels of tension and anxiety in their owners, making the company of this animal and the habits that revolve around the coexistence between owner and pet benefit the health of those who enjoy your company.

It is not a subjective perception; on the contrary, various studies show the existence of these advantages, so below, we explain why living with cats reduces stress and benefits health.

Petting your cat lowers blood pressure and improves your heart.

Stroking your cat is a very relaxing activity that helps us relieve stress and strengthen bonds with our pet, increasing the production of oxytocin, which increases our feeling of love and security towards our animal, but this is not the only benefit. This practice also reduces blood pressure levels due to the state of relaxation it transports us, which undoubtedly contributes to keeping our hearts healthy.

A study carried out in 2008 by the Stroke Institute of the University of Minnesota revealed that after analyzing 4,500 people among whom 3 out of 5 had cats, those who live with felines have a 30% lower risk of suffering from a heart attack. Less stress and lower blood pressure translate to better cardiovascular health.

Its purr helps relieve stress and improves mood.

If our pet is happy and we will be happy too, so it is not a surprise that when the cat purrs, something it does when it feels comfortable, relaxed or when it wants to get our attention and make us notice it to receive affection, this sound has a positive effect on us too.

Several studies indicate that the purr of the cat helps us reduce stress and increase our state of well-being, improving our mood and also our confidence since it strengthens the bond between the pet and ourselves.

They help us fight loneliness and depression.

The company of a cat can be vital in fighting feelings of loneliness and helping to combat depression. This animal requires our care, attention, and responsibility; however not in a way as demanding as other pets, so we will not feel overwhelmed. Everything that implies caring for this animal helps us to feel useful, develop our responsibility, and to understand that there is someone who depends on us.

The affection and company of a feline, the affective bond that develops between the two, is key to overcoming sadness and making loneliness, not something heavy and annoying. All this makes felines good pets for the elderly and patients with depression or who are going through an emotionally complicated stage.

They contribute to our good mood.

Cats are generally relatively calm but tremendously funny animals. It has its moment of daily madness to drain its Energy in which they run everywhere and climb all the furniture, which may surprise us but at the same time helps us understand that, from time to time, we must also drain our energy.

Their curiosity makes them take many scares and have funny reactions that, without a doubt, get us more than one laugh, notably improving our mood.

Better emotional ties

Thanks to your company, we develop emotional ties that benefit our body and spirit, help us respect animals and other living beings, and allow us to communicate with our environment in a different, more friendly, respectful, and considerate way.

Several studies have revealed that cats are beneficial for patients with post-traumatic stress, autism, attention deficit, depression, and Alzheimer’s, helping them be more relaxed and improve their social relationships with the environment, which is already used in various therapies worldwide.

Having a feline at home will undoubtedly beneficially change your life, something that you can feel every day, so enjoy the presence of your furry friend and let him know every day how much you care.

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