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Home remedies to relieve wrist pain

by Alivia Nyhan
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Wrist pain is a more common condition than believed and mainly affects people whose work or hobby suggests the constant use of this part of the body, such as writers, pianists, tennis players, and golfers. However, some diseases can cause wrist pain, such as carpal tunnel, arthritis, or gout.

Whatever the cause of wrist pain, it is essential to alleviate this discomfort since it can negatively influence our daily by limiting our activities. While there are over-the-counter medications and pain relievers to help ease the ailment, there is also the alternative of opting for home remedies to relieve wrist pain. If you want to know what they are, we invite you to continue reading this FastlyHealarticle carefully.

Leading causes of wrist pain

Carpal tunnel syndrome

It causes pain, burning, numbness, and tingling in the wrist, fingers, and palm. This condition occurs due to inflammation of the median nerve, which allows it to be compressed at the wrist and causes the symptoms above. This condition is prevalent in those who use the computer keyboard and mouse for a long time, play tennis or golf, paint, sew and write. Pregnant or menopausal women, diabetics, and overweight are at higher risk of developing carpal tunnel syndrome.


This disease is another of the leading causes of wrist pain, but it is also accompanied by stiffness and inflammation of the joint. Rheumatoid arthritis usually affects the wrists, and osteoarthritis appears old.


In this case, the pain in the wrist is due to excess in the production of uric acid, a substance that, when not properly disposed of, produces crystals in the joints, which can be very painful.


It occurs due to calcium deposits in the joints, which cause pain, swelling, and redness. Grimaces are usually the part of the body most affected by this disease.

Hot and cold compresses

Applying cold and heat is a natural therapy that helps reduce inflammation and wrist pain. Ideally, apply a warm compress wrapped in a towel to your wrist and let it sit for 15 minutes to combat inflammation. Then, let it rest for 10 minutes and apply the cold compress, wrapped in a towel, to relieve wrist pain.

This therapy is one of the best home remedies to relieve wrist pain; the idea is to apply the compresses twice a day or when the pain is very acute. If you don’t have compresses, you can use ice wrapped in a towel to apply the cold, and, for the heat, we recommend immersing the doll in a container with warm water.

Lavender oil bath

A very effective home remedy to relieve wrist pain is to combine the pain-relieving power of heat with the anti-inflammatory properties of lavender oil. To perform this bath, heat enough water in a pot until it is warm or hot; the important thing is that you can withstand the temperature. Then, transfer the water to a container, add ten drops of lavender essential oil and submerge the doll until the water cools. If you wish, you can reheat the water to repeat the process. The ideal is to do two baths a day.

Massages with essential oils

In addition to lavender and its anti-inflammatory properties, you can also take advantage of the analgesic benefits of coconut oil and almond oil to give a massage to relieve wrist pain. This home remedy is recommended for mild pain, and all you need is to buy an essential oil of your choice, apply it to the area of ​​pain, and massage gently so that the skin absorbs the properties of the oil. Chamomile and eucalyptus oil are highly recommended for these massages due to their anti-inflammatory effect.

Mashed potatoes

Potatoes have the property of keeping heat for much longer, not to mention that they have a potent anti-inflammatory action that will help relieve wrist pain very quickly. To take advantage of these benefits, we recommend cooking two potatoes in boiling water until they are soft enough. Then, grind them until you have a puree. Apply the puree to your wrist and let it sit for 20 minutes.

Other tips for relieving wrist pain

  • Take a break from activities that you think maybe making or causing your pain.
  • Check with your doctor about the option of using a wrist splint for pain at night to avoid discomfort interrupting your sleep.
  • Avoid any sport that involves your wrist for at least a month.
  • When typing on the computer, make sure the keyboard is lower than your hands, and you don’t have to tilt your wrists up to type.
  • Keyboard pads are handy to rest the wrist and avoid carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • When the pain is terrible, squid should be taken with over-the-counter pain relievers.
  • It is essential to avoid any impact activity on the wrist while inflamed.
  • When there is an inability to move the wrist, it is necessary to visit the doctor immediately.

This article is merely informative, at FastlyHeal .com we do not have the power to prescribe medical treatments or make any type of diagnosis. We invite you to see a doctor in the case of presenting any type of condition or discomfort.

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