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Home remedies for psoriasis on the scalp

by Alivia Nyhan
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It is known as psoriasis, a prevalent chronic disease that affects the skin and causes the appearance of spots and patches on it, causing significant irritation, itching, and redness to be felt in the place. Although it can occur anywhere on the body, the scalp is a widespread place where it appears, causing red and scaly spots in this area of ​​the body, although it can also spread to the back of the neck and the forehead. And ears.

Although the exact cause of psoriasis is not yet known, many specialists say that it is a condition that occurs when there is a problem in the immune system, and it attacks or destroys part of the body’s healthy tissue.

Although you must visit a doctor and follow their instructions, if you think you are suffering from this skin disease, some home remedies for psoriasis on the scalp can help you eliminate many of the symptoms, and at FastlyHealwe want you to know them.

Primary symptoms of psoriasis on the scalp

Psoriasis is characterized by the development of plaques or spots of variable size coated by white or silvery scales, accompanied by redness around these. In turn, the scalp is dry, which favors and increases itching and irritation in the area, which also generates hair loss due to constant scratching.

Sometimes it can be confused with dandruff, and products that are not helpful are used; for this reason, if you present any of these symptoms, you must go to the dermatologist to make the diagnosis and prescribe the appropriate treatment.

Aloe vera is anti-inflammatory and regenerating.

The aloe vera plant, also known as aloe, has numerous medicinal uses to help different disorders significantly. Among its virtues, its remarkable ability to reduce inflammation and regenerate damaged skin tissues is partly due to its rich tannin content, which is why it is considered one of the best home remedies for psoriasis on the scalp.

The application of aloe vera can significantly help reduce itching, heal the skin, and provides a cooling effect on the site. You must cut two leaves of this plant lengthwise and, with a spoon, extract the gel from its interior, then apply it directly to the scalp, leaving it to act for 15 minutes, and wash your hair normally. Repeat this 4-5 times a week.

Apple cider vinegar reduces itching and irritation.

The cider vinegar apple is very popular because it has been heavily used for a long time as a natural remedy for various ailments. Thanks to its properties, provided by amino acids such as arginine and lysine, this product is ideal for helping eliminate the symptoms caused by psoriasis on the scalp, reducing itching and irritation.

You can use it by soaking gauze in apple cider vinegar and spreading it over your head, leaving it to act for 30 minutes and then rinse properly, or you can make a mixture of apple cider vinegar with water. To do this, you must add three tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to a liter of water, place it in a spray bottle and apply it every night before sleeping.

Epsom salts, anti-inflammatory, and moisturizing action

The Epsom salts are composed of magnesium and sulfate, being a product widely used to treat various skin disorders. As its application can eliminate dead skin cellsreduce inflammation and hydrate the area, it is an excellent natural remedy to combat psoriasis of the scalp.

You have to mix equal parts of Epsom salts and water and stir the ingredients well. Then use this to rub it into your scalp and leave it on for no less than 20 minutes, and finally rinse it off properly. While this helps reduce symptoms quickly and effectively, you need to repeat this process two times a day for a month to improve the disorder and get rid of symptoms permanently.

Olive oil is antioxidant and nutritious

Another home remedy for psoriasis on the scalp is olive oil. Thanks to the fact that it is one of the foods rich in antioxidants and vitamins A and C, it is ideal for improving this disorder and the symptoms that it causes.

You can put 1/4 of a glass of olive oil in a small bowl to warm it in a bain-marie. Next, please put it on the scalp, massaging gently and in a circular motion to let it rest overnight. When you wake up, wash your head with a good shampoo suitable for psoriasis. You can do this five times a week to get great results.

Sandalwood powder is anti-inflammatory and antiseptic

The sandal has incredible benefits because it is a natural anti-inflammatory antiseptic that helps care for the skin, moisturize and eliminate the annoying symptoms of psoriasis such as itching, so it is an excellent home remedy if it seeks to eradicate psoriasis on the scalp.

To make this natural medicine, you have to prepare a thick paste, mixing two tablespoons of powdered sandalwood in a bit of rose water. Once the correct texture is achieved, you have to apply it to the head, spread it well, and let it act for 10 or 15 minutes; finally, wash the head normally. If you use this several day a week, it will help to significantly improve the condition of the skin, eliminating the symptoms present by the disorder.

This article is merely informative, at FastlyHeal .com we do not have the power to prescribe medical treatments or make any type of diagnosis. We invite you to see a doctor in the case of presenting any type of condition or discomfort.

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