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Home Remedies for Nervous Colitis

by Alivia Nyhan
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The colon or large intestine is the second portion of our intestine, the first is the small intestine. When we speak of “colitis”, we are referring to the existence of an inflammatory process and consequent affectation at the level of the colon, whatever its cause. The nervous colitis or irritable bowel is a chronic condition in which they will present a series of symptoms repetitively without any specific pattern.

In this FastlyHealarticle, we will explain to you what are the causes and symptoms of nervous colitis and what medications and / or home remedies for nervous colitis you can use to alleviate the discomfort it causes you. Keep reading!

Irritable bowel: symptoms and causes

It has been established that it is a more common condition in women and although the causes of nervous colitis have not been clarified, some facts are strongly related to its origin:

  • Psychological conditions . It is suggested that people who suffer from nervous colitis have a greater tendency to suffer or report a history of depression, anxiety and / or phobias. Their personality guides them to a continuous state of stress, worry and / or frustration that is not evident in the rest of the people without this condition. Additionally, they are people who present frequent changes in mood, being easily driven towards anger and presenting frequent conflicts in their personal and work relationships.
  • Bad eating habits . Characteristically, people with nervous colitis report high consumption of harmful substances such as coffee, tobacco, and alcohol that exceed the standard for the general population. In addition, a very high intake of sugar, salt and fat has been evidenced in them. It is more common in people with a strong attachment to “fast food” restaurants.

The symptoms of nervous colitis can be summarized as:

  • Colicky abdominal pain , of sudden onset, of variable intensity and duration.
  • Abdominal distension in varying degrees, which is not related to any specific alteration of the intestinal flora or with the proper function of the colon.
  • Erratic alteration of the intestinal rhythm , presenting alternate periods of constipation or diarrhea of ​​variable duration.
  • Flatulence , characteristic in this type of patient, without there being any alteration of an infectious type or of the verifiable normal intestinal metabolism.
  • Early satiety , which occurs within a few minutes of having started eating and having eaten little food.
  • Presence of mucus in the stool , without any infectious process at the intestinal level that justifies it being verifiable.

Some other symptoms may occur outside the gastrointestinal sphere, but they are very nonspecific and can accompany any other condition inside or outside of it.

Nerve Colitis Medications

The treatment of nervous colitis is aimed at controlling the symptoms and regulating the psychological sphere of the patient, which is the essential element to adequately treat this disease.


  • Antiflatulent: aimed at attenuating meteorism or excess gas production that can become really uncomfortable for the patient.
  • Antispasmodics: aimed at calming colic when they occur, and not to be consumed on a regular basis.
  • Probiotics: contribute to the restoration of a normal intestinal habit.

The indication of antibiotics, laxatives or others must be done under strict medical prescription, as some of these drugs can worsen the condition rather than contribute to its improvement.

In addition to the appropriate medications, there are two other important factors to take into account to cure nervous colitis: diet and psychological treatment.


A proper diet is essential in controlling this condition. Strict compliance with the dietary indications will lead to a decrease in the appearance of “attacks” of diarrhea and / or constipation.

Adequate consumption of foods rich in fat-soluble and water-soluble fiber is important , but without reaching excesses, as these can induce flatulence.

In addition, the adequate or reduced consumption of fats, sugar and salt also produces changes that contribute to the control of nervous colitis.

The elimination of coffee, tobacco and spices is important, and some studies have shown a beneficial effect with the incorporation of antioxidant foods (vitamins A, C and E) on a regular basis in the diet of these patients.

psychological therapy

It is the foundation and essential element in the treatment of nervous colitis. For this, cognitive-behavioral therapy must be incorporated into the treatment plan.

The orientation of this therapy is to provoke attitudinal, behavioral and personality changes that contribute to the decrease or disappearance of the psychological conditions mentioned above.

Home remedies for nervous colitis

There are a number of remedies for nervous colitis that help to relieve its symptoms naturally:

Pepper oil

The results of studies with this oil have shown that it is one of the most effective remedies for nervous colitis against colic pain. Due to its strong flavor and effect, it is recommended to take 3 drops (dissolved in any other liquid) at the time of feeling pain and repeat it once or twice a day, if necessary.

Rice water

Place a cup of rice in six cups of water and simmer until it is about half consumed. You can consume this water throughout the day.

In the following article, you can see in detail all the benefits of rice water for diarrhea and how to make it .

Juice for apple and papaya colitis

Apple and papaya juice, to which you can add lemon juice, is an important contribution to regularizing the intestinal habit and reducing flatulence.


Carrot juice (alone or with pineapple) taken on an empty stomach has an important cleansing effect on the gastrointestinal tract and will benefit your colon.

You can add it to salads or eat it on its own, in the form of sticks, as an afternoon snack.

Licorice root

The licorice root infusion once or twice a day (boil the root and then strain the preparation), with honey, has shown to have good antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties that would help the intestinal level. You can take it when colic occurs.


Add it to your salads or blend it together with the other juices that we indicate here and drink it. It is ideal for reducing flatulence and bloating. You can combine it with dill, which enhances its effect.

Aloe vera and honey colitis juice

The aloe vera crystal (the inner part of the “leaf” of the plant) prepared with honey and taken in the morning, fasting, has an important anti-inflammatory effect at the colon level and will help you prevent colic.

In the following article, you can also see how to use aloe vera to combat constipation .


Soak a tablespoon of flaxseeds overnight in a cup of water. The next morning, strain the seeds and drink the water on an empty stomach. You can make it a regular habit or take it three or four times a week.

Chamomile tea

This wonderful infusion has anti-inflammatory properties that will be of great help for your colon. You can take it once or twice a day as a substitute for coffee.


Eating one or two bananas a day has shown a beneficial effect in patients with nervous colitis, reducing flatulence and regulating their intestinal habit.

“Topical” treatment

Compresses soaked with apple cider vinegar or castor oil placed on the painful area have also been reported as beneficial home remedies for nervous colitis.

This article is merely informative, at FastlyHeal .com we do not have the power to prescribe medical treatments or make any type of diagnosis. We invite you to see a doctor in the case of presenting any type of condition or discomfort.

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