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What are the most suitable liquids to take medication with?

by Alivia Nyhan
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When we take a medicine , most of us do so by drinking water, in greater or lesser amounts as indicated on the package insert. However, sometimes we also take them with juices or even milk, depending on when we should take it.

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However, the liquid with which we ingest the medicine is much more than a means to facilitate its taking, so we must be careful when choosing it, since there are some that, due to their characteristics, can make the medicine lose properties or delay its effectiveness.

This, for example, is the case with milk. To prevent too strong medications from damaging the stomach, many choose to take them with milk, and although it effectively helps protect the stomach, there are some medications that cannot be taken with it. This occurs, for example, with tetracycline, which, when taken with milk, the calcium contained in it reduces its effect.

Fruit juice

The same occurs with some fruit juices, which can reduce the effectiveness of some medications if we take them with them, especially apple, grapefruit, or orange. However, the latter are beneficial if what we must take is iron, since the vitamin C contained in acidic fruit juices helps the body absorb it better.

The best liquid

The best, whenever possible, is to take the medications with water . If any can be harmful to the stomach, as is the case with anti-inflammatories or if we must take several medications and some of them are strong and cannot be taken with milk or juices, it is best, after consulting with the doctor, take a stomach protector to protect it and then swallow the medicines with water.

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