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Joan Riehl-Sisca and the theory of symbolic interactionism

by Alivia Nyhan
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Joan Riehl-Sisca was a nursing theorist who presented her theory about symbolic interactionism in her book by Riehl and Sister Callista Roy, Conceptual Models for Nursing (1980). Their interaction model uses the nursing model in the implementation of nursing care. His theory is a synthesis of the works of Mead, Rose, and Blumer and explains the nursing relationships fostered in communication and sociology. In this FastlyHeal article, we explain who Joan Riehl-Sisca was.

Riehl-Sisca, Joan

The nursing theorist presented her theory of symbolic interactionism in the book by Riehl and Sister Callista Roy, Conceptual Models for Nursing (1980). The Riehl interaction model uses the nursing model to implement nursing care. In symbolic interactionism theory, the person interprets mutual actions with another person based on the meaning of the action before reacting. It is a process of interpretation between the stimulus and the response. Riehl emphasizes the nurse’s assessment and interpretation of the patient’s actions, who then make predictions about the patient’s behavior. This is done to plan interventions with the patient and the patient’s family. Riehl sees nurse and patient actively exchanging information and gathering knowledge. Based on multiple theories, therapies, and related health disciplines, the nurse then chooses the planning and effective implementation of nursing interventions.

Critical concepts in Riehl’s theory and model

  • People. For Riehl, the term person encompasses the patient, the nurse, health, and others. Describes the nurse as a person with knowledge of their abilities and who assumes a role in a specific period.
  • Association. It is the process of assuming roles. This process occurs when the individual cognitively internalizes another person’s perceptions of reality in varied situations.
  • Social events. Both individual and collective acts are elaborated based on a process by which they interpret and evaluate the situations they face.
  • Links. Patient assessment is a dynamic process that requires the use of different resources to meet the patient’s needs, especially in long-term care.

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