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Definition of nursing observation

by Alivia Nyhan
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Nursing observation implies evaluating the patient’s condition taking into account subjective data, in which a personal vision of the events is portrayed. Likewise, objective data, that is, those clinical aspects that include observations about the patient’s problem, are also taken into account. These should include laboratory data and other clinical findings. At FastlyHealwe provide you with the definition of nursing observation.

Nursing observation

Objective, holistic evaluation, carried out by a nursing professional, of the various aspects of a patient’s condition. It includes the general appearance of the person, the emotional effects, their nutritional status, habits and preferences, as well as body temperature, skin condition and any pathological process.

Historically, nursing observation was based on chronological narration of the patient’s condition and assessment, the effects of medications and treatments, in addition to other nursing activities and monitoring data. The drawback was that this methodology offered the possibility of measuring the nursing intervention in the care process that it carries out, and it did not reflect nursing thinking or the evaluation of care or the result of said practices.

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