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How to undo knots in the back

by Alivia Nyhan
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Who hasn’t gotten annoying knots after a long uncomfortable position, a bad movement or even after an injury? A knot in the back can become so uncomfortable that it even severely limits a wide range of motion or even causes pain that we even feel like it cuts off our entire breath a little.

If you present one of these cases or want to know what to do if they happen to you again, continue here at FastlyHealto learn how to undo knots in the back .

Recent muscle knots: apply ice

Cold compresses or ice cubes are an excellent immediate option after a wide variety of accidents and injuries. Here are included the knots in the back, which in this case would arise after a forced movement or after trying to lift something too heavy for our capacity and / or because we adopt a very inappropriate posture .

The cold applications are made or with a special pad to it or placing ice covered by a cloth. The idea of ​​the cloth is that the skin does not make contact with temperatures below the freezing point, as it is harmful and even more annoying. In the following article we will talk about the use of ice to reduce inflammation .

Heat therapy for back knots

The application of wet cloths or hot compresses is also effective against knots, 48 hours after the appearance of the knot, especially if it was caused by an injury.

Just as in cold applications it should not drop below the freezing point, the temperature of the water in the cloth should not burn the person. Only warm enough to help relax the affected muscle area .

Remember to take with you not only the wet cloth but a jug of hot water so that you can insert the cloth again. The application of this therapy should take between 10 to 20 minutes .

Shoulder stretch against the knots in the back

The knots are formed mainly in the middle and upper back. The stretching of the area is essential if you want to take them off. You can start by taking hold of one elbow and stretching by pushing it with the hand with which you take it backwards, with the arm at the level of the neck.

To make this exercise even more effective, increase the stretch and relax it briefly, in time with your breath. Then proceed to repeat with the opposite arm.

Conscious breathing and shoulder movement to remove knots from the back

Take deep breaths inhaling to the best of your ability, while performing shoulder rolls.

  • Begin by inhaling when you raise your shoulders from behind until you try to touch the ears.
  • Slowly lower yourself forward on the exhale.
  • Then change direction.
  • 10 turns each way.
  • The slower the better, but the movement must be continuous.

Together with this or any of the movements, taking conscious and complete breaths is a very important ally, since only with a breath of full and deep inhalations and exhalations it is already allowed the stretching of the perioral muscles and the dissolution of the knots. In addition, it forces you to adopt a greater postural awareness.

Deep breathing can hurt if there are knots in your back. If this is your case, increase the inhalation capacity little by little with each repetition and the pain will subside. Take control of your breathing rate and don’t let the discomfort cut you off and exhale completely to help the purpose with the muscle contraction.

Remove knots in the back: shoulder contractions

As we just mentioned, contractions are also beneficial . In this exercise:

  • Bring both hands in fists to the sides of the rib cage.
  • From there, on the exhale, contract your back muscles as if you intended your elbows and shoulder blades to touch from behind.
  • Inhale, returning to the starting position, without lowering your fists.
  • Repeat 10 times.

Back contracture: curls

Lying on your back on a mat or soft surface for your back and perform the following movements :

  • Hug your knees as you bring them to your chest and lift your head slightly off the ground.
  • Begin rocking or swinging on your spine, back and forth.
  • It is important that in this movement you relax and let the sway (inertia of the movement) of the weight flow so that it is continuous, more effective and falls like a massage for your entire back.
  • Keep your knees as close to your chest as possible to maximize the stretch in your back.
  • You can vary by continuously swinging from side to side.
  • In both variations, do 20 swings on each side. Perhaps with relaxation it will cause you to do many more.
  • People with scoliosis or lumbar lordosis can have complications with this exercise and they are advised to practice it or refrain from it unless their doctor allows it.

Child pose in yoga to remove knots and stretch the back

This is another very relaxing pose that will also help you eliminate knots in your back . Like some of the exercises that we have explained to you during the article, you will also need a mat or a soft surface on which to stretch:

  • Sit on your heels, with both legs together, and drop forward resting your brow (or forehead if you can’t reach it) on the mat.
  • Stretch both hands and arms to the maximum, resting hands on the surface.
  • Count the breaths, do 15 to 30.

Variants for people with difficulties:

  • Place a cushion between the buttocks and heels and / or,
  • Place a cushion under the insteps (between the feet and the mat).
  • If you have very severe knee discomfort, skip this exercise.

Prevent this and other ills with these exercises to avoid neck and back pain .

Physiotherapeutic massages against knots and emergency care

Home massages can be the relief you need, although depending on the case, to relieve back pain you will need someone to do them, someone who is a professional . This person will know to apply moderate pressure in an outward direction. First general massages of the entire back and then focus on the precise location of the knots.

If the pain is chronic or very severe, or you try several of these exercises and nothing works or even gets worse and worse, you may need to see a physical therapist or even an emergency doctor. Analgesics if they relieve pain, but not at all that will remove the cause of them.

In the following video, you can learn about bamboo therapy, a massage that serves to eliminate accumulated tension.

This article is merely informative, at FastlyHeal .com we do not have the power to prescribe medical treatments or make any type of diagnosis. We invite you to see a doctor in the case of presenting any type of condition or discomfort.

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