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How to heal a wound in the mouth from the inside

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Who has not ever bitten an area of ​​the mouth? Oral lesions seem simple and unimportant, until it happens to us in the first person.

Generally, wounds in the mouth on the inside tend to heal very well on their own. However, we can contribute to this healing process if we take into account some issues such as proper care, home remedies that can be used and a diet that facilitates recovery.

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How does a wound heal inside the mouth?

The inside of the mouth is covered with mucosa : it is a thin tissue to which an abundant number of blood vessels reach and that is why a small wound always generates blood in large quantities. But this rich vascularity also facilitates healing .

When there is a wound in the mouth, all the cells and products that make it easier for the wound to close properly travel through the blood vessels. This scarring occurs in several stages :

  • At first, the bleeding is stopped with a small clot. It is important that it remains in the wound site.
  • After this come numerous inflammatory cells and substances that will cause the injured area to regenerate.
  • The injured area will be covered with a whitish substance and little by little it will be covered with normal tissue.

On the other hand, the mouth is full of microorganisms that coexist in harmony when we are in balance. But when the health conditions are not the best or when the hygiene of the mouth is poor, it is possible that the flora of bacteria itself is altered and gives rise to infections, making healing difficult.

Healing can also be more difficult when the person has low defenses , as it is in the case of diabetes . It is also worse when there is previously inflammation or when radiation therapy was performed in the area.

How to heal a mouth wound from the inside?

When you suffer a wound in the mouth or mouth ulcers, it is important to be careful with hygiene and treatment so that the healing is adequate.

In the first instance, the area should be washed with water . If the bleeding is abundant, it is preferable to use very cold water, this helps to close the blood vessels. If, despite this, the bleeding continues to be abundant, the area where the blood comes out should be compressed for at least 3 minutes without releasing. That is the time it takes for elements of the blood that contribute to hemostasis (or cessation of bleeding) to arrive .

If you still lose a large amount of blood, it is advisable to go to a health center, since it is likely that it will be necessary to make a stitch.


A wound inside the mouth usually heals easily. To promote its treatment and know how to heal a wound in the mouth from the inside, you can follow the following indications:

  • Keep your mouth clean : sanitize your teeth and your mouth after eating.
  • Avoid commercial mouthwashes : they generate irritation and promote the alteration of the flora. To rinse yourself, you can make your own anti-inflammatory mouthwash by mixing plain water in half a glass with 1 cm of hydrogen peroxide and 1 teaspoon of baking soda. Rinse 2-3 times a day.
  • Avoid irritating foods : spicy, tomato, banana, strawberries.
  • Skip processed foods, excess meat, and dairy.
  • Choose the most natural and easily digestible: whole grains (oats, wheat, rice), fruits and vegetables, legumes, seeds, nuts.

If the injury is the product of surgery, it is important that you follow the precise instructions of the doctor who performed the procedure.

Home remedies for mouth wounds

Before a wound in the internal area of ​​the mouth you can resort to some herbs and medicinal plants that can contribute to faster healing and relieve discomfort. These are some of the home remedies that answer how to heal a wound in the mouth from the inside quickly:


Honey is anti-inflammatory and favors wound healing in both mucous membranes and skin.

You can apply it two or three times a day. Avoid eating afterwards so that it remains in the area.

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Calendula also helps to keep the tissues deflamed and to heal faster.

To do this, prepare an infusion with some flowers and apply it on the injured area. You can also drink a cup of this preparation.

Plantago or Llantén

This is a plant with medicinal properties, very useful for those wounds that heal very slowly. To do this, its infusion must be applied directly to the affected area.


An infusion prepared with chamomile can help the wound stay clean and the healing is faster and more appropriate.

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Wormwood or bitter mugwort

This herb is commonly used to treat mouth blisters. It is healing, anti-inflammatory and analgesic.


It is also analgesic and anti-inflammatory if an infusion is applied directly to the lesion.

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This article is merely informative, at FastlyHeal .com we do not have the power to prescribe medical treatments or make any type of diagnosis. We invite you to see a doctor in the case of presenting any type of condition or discomfort.

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