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Fruits that do not produce gas in the stomach

by Alivia Nyhan
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Stomach gas is a very common disorder that can be too bothersome for those who suffer from it. This is because they remain in the intestines and cause swelling and pain that many times we do not know how to remove. Although there are several causes of this disorder, it is generally due to a bad eating habit that generates excess air in the body.

Although it is essential to consult with a doctor to know the exact cause of stomach gas , there are some foods that can cause them to occur and others, on the contrary, prevent them and many consider that fruits and vegetables are ideal for these cases; however, not all of them tend to be like this. Therefore, to clear up this doubt, in the following FastlyHealarticle we detail the fruits that do not produce gas in the stomach.

4 fruits that do not produce stomach gas

In a diet to avoid flatulence, the following fruits that do not produce stomach gas can be included:

  • Pineapple
  • Papaya
  • Kiwi
  • Figs

Next, we explain what are the properties and benefits of each of them.

Pineapple, prevents stomach gas formation

Pineapple is a very popular fruit that is included in many diets due to its excellent benefits. Among them, it stands out that it prevents the formation of blood clots, has antioxidant and purifying power, offers protection to the nervous system and provides great contribution to the digestive system.

This fruit contains a proteolytic enzyme known as bromelain, which is what helps digestion by better degradation of food, as well as its assimilation, making it one of the fruits that do not produce gases in the stomach and which is ideal to incorporate into your regular diet if you are one of those people who suffer from flatulence constantly.

Papaya, ideal for eliminating gases

Papaya is known as a tropical fruit that has its origin in Mexico, but is cultivated in a large number of regions around the world. It is a diuretic food, which increases the defenses thanks to the vitamins it provides, improves the skin, prevents cardiovascular disorders and, thanks to the papain enzyme it contains, favors the digestive system, avoiding constipation while helping to degrade proteins and stimulate slow digestion or high-fat foods.

This is why papaya is another ideal fruit if you want to avoid suffering from stomach gas. You can eat several pieces per day, although it is recommended to start the day with this type of fruit on a daily basis to avoid this and other types of alterations that can harm your health and make you not feel completely comfortable throughout the rest of the day.

Kiwi, excellent for a diet to avoid gas

Kiwi is another fruit that does not produce gas in the stomach because it has one of the most effective proteolytic enzymes for these cases, known as actidin. It is thanks to this property that kiwi helps the proper digestion of all foods, especially their proteins, preventing the body from filling with air and producing annoying flatulence for anyone.

Likewise, this food offers a large number of benefits, for example, it reduces stress, eliminates constipation, gets rid of fluid retention, fights anemia, strengthens the immune system and offers a great antioxidant effect due to the contribution of vitamin C with which it counts.

Figs, relieves gas discomfort

The fig is a fruit that should be included in the usual diet if you want to be healthy in several aspects. This food not only fights obesity, reduces blood pressure, increases energy, prevents cancer, controls cholesterol, prevents cardiovascular disorders, diabetes and anemia, but also reduces gas in the stomach.

This benefit is because the fig also has a proteolytic enzyme called ficin. This is why if it is added to the daily diet it can notably help to improve the problems of stomach flatulence and to maintain a correct state of health, since it favors each organ to function correctly.

Fruits that cause gas

Although the main foods that produce stomach gas are those rich in fat, with little fiber content, legumes, such as beans and beans, spicy foods and carbonated drinks, there are also fruits that may not be easy to digest, that are not They are recommended for those who have sensitive stomachs, suffer from stomach disorders or who, by eating them in excess, could cause flatulence to occur. Therefore, if you constantly suffer from gas in your stomach, it is best to avoid the following fruits:

  • Orange.
  • Pomelo.
  • Mandarina.
  • Albaricoques.
  • Bananas .
  • Raisins.
  • Plums

In addition, we recommend that you consult the article Natural remedies for intestinal gas .

This article is merely informative, at FastlyHeal .com we do not have the power to prescribe medical treatments or make any type of diagnosis. We invite you to see a doctor in the case of presenting any type of condition or discomfort.

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