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Definition of primordium

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Of the phases of embryonic development, the primordium is the first recognizable phase, when the differentiation of that particular tissue, structure or organ occurs, the primordium is the rudimentary state of an organ that is still beginning to form.

Although this is the generic definition, what you have just read could be applied to a great variety of living beings, however, in general this term is only used in botany to talk about the development of plants. In this area, the primordium is the first tissue created by the new living being, located on the outside of the embryo.

Next, in the following FastlyHealarticle, we will explain the definition of primordio , what it is, what functions it has and everything you need to know.

What is primordium

The primordia or seminal rudiments are born above the placentas, located within the internal part of the carapelo. Small in size, barely reaching a few millimeters, they have an ovoid shape, which is why they are popularly called ovules .

Each primordium is formed by a compact body of tissue, where the nucela and a foot are distinguished, the funiculus is the part of the seminal rudiment that joins it to the placenta. The basal region, the area in which the funiculus and the nucelle join, is called the chalaza, from which one or more sheaths start, leaving an orifice called the micropyle open.

Types of primordia

According to the shape of the different elements that compose it, primordia can be classified into 3 different types:

  • Orthotropic: it is considered the most primitive type, those primordia fall within this group in which the three elements, both the micropyle, the thread and the chalaza, are arranged on the same line.
  • Anthropic: The primordial body draws a crow, so that it lengthens, leaving the chalaza in the opposite position to the thread and the micropyle.
  • Campilotrope: The way the nucellus arches causes the chalaza and the micropyle to remain at the same height.

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