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Definition of experimental epidemiology

by Alivia Nyhan
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It is a trial based on artificial manipulation of study by the investigator and the random factor in the control groups. This type of study allows greater control of alterations in study results and provides greater evidence on which to base causal inferences, among other advantages. However, they are also more expensive and time consuming, and they often answer very specific questions about a single risk factor. At FastlyHealwe provide you with the definition of experimental epidemiology .

Experimental epidemiology

Phase of epidemiological research that uses an experimental model in studies aimed at confirming the causal relationship suggested by observational studies. All variables have been strictly controlled, and differing from analytical methods, exposure to risk factors or the application of preventive measures is imposed on one of the groups.

In this type of study, the researcher introduces or manipulates the risk or protection factor. Medical ethics establishes the limits in relation to the situations that can be investigated with this approach.

Types of experimental epidemiological studies

  • Clinical trials. Experimental evaluation of a product, medicine or substance that aims to assess its effectiveness when applied to humans.
  • Field trials.
  • Community trials. The unit of analysis is not the individual but a complete community. One or more communities receive the intervention, while others serve as a control or comparison group.

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