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Definition of shear

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Shear is a term applied in medicine that can be used in various ways, with slightly varying meaning. It can be an injury that occurs when the patient is not adequately moved in the bed or chair in which he rests, but it can also be a bone deformation or a wound caused by a shear.

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Shear concept

In medicine, shear is understood as the applied force or pressure exerted against the surface and layers of the skin as the tissues slide in opposite but parallel planes, causing friction that can lead to lesions in the dermis. A good example of shearing occurs when the patient moves from the bed in which he is lying by pulling him to reposition, or when he slips from the chair in which he is. Because the skin slides in opposite planes to the surface, in this case the bed, injuries can occur that must be monitored .

In addition, this term has other definitions:

  1. Deformation that a bone undergoes when it is subjected to two forces that go in parallel and opposite directions and converge towards the bone.
  2. Wound made on the skin by an external force in the form of a shear.

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