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Definition of inoculum

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Suspension of microorganisms administered to a living being voluntarily or involuntarily to living tissues or a culture medium by inoculation. The set of microorganisms transferred to a host through immunization is called inoculum. At FastlyHealwe explain what the definition of inoculum is .

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A substance is introduced into the body to reduce or increase its immunity against a particular disease or process. It can be a toxin, a virus or a bacterium, killed or attenuated, or an immune serum.

What is injection

Harmless means that it does not cause harm, that it is harmless. Inoculation is used synonymously with vaccination and immunization. The microorganisms that are introduced through inoculation are known as inoculum or inoculate. Therefore, the inoculum is not the action of teaching a living being but the microorganisms that present themselves. On the other hand, the term inoculation refers to using microorganisms to administer them.

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