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Definition of sclerotome

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The sclerotome is made up of somite cells further from the back and closer to the renal tube. These cells become mesenchymal cells when they undergo mitosis, thus losing their rounded epithelial characteristics. Thus, these will become cathylaginous cells, known as chondrocytes, and will give rise to vertebrae and ribs.

Sclerotomas develop around the spinal cord and are innervated by a medullary segment. If you want to know more about the definition of sclerotome , in this article we provide you with more related information.

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In the field of embryology, the sclerotome originates from the somites, a structure that forms the emryonic development of all vertebrates. It is the segmented layer of mesoderm that occurs at the beginning of embryonic development and that later will give rise to the skeletal tissue of the body.

As the neural tube grows, so do the somites around it, as well as the spinal nerves. Sclerotomas grow around the spinal cord and are innervated by a medullary segment, these are normally invisible, however, they can be evidenced due to the presence of certain diseases.

The somites

To understand the formation of the sclerotome we must first focus on the somites. These form on both sides of the neural tube as embryonic development occurs. These structures play an important role in organizing the pattern by which embryos are segmented in vertebrates, leading to cells that will later form the vertebrae, ribs, skeletal muscles and the dermis of the skin.

Somites have different derivatives, among which we find the sclerotome. These are:

  • Sclerotomy . They are the vertebrae and intervertebral discs, the ribs and costal cartilages.
  • Myotome . They correspond to a medullary segment. They are a group of muscles innervated by an isolated segment of the spinal cord. We found the muscles of the rib cage, abdominal wall, back, extremities and tongue.
  • Dermatome . Area of ​​the skin innervated by the dorsal root of a spinal nerve. They correspond to a medullary
  • segment.

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