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Can I take Paracetamol and Nolotil together?

by Alivia Nyhan
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Paracetamol and Nolotil are highly known drugs due to their excellent analgesic effects. Because of the above, many people wonder if they can be ingested together. However, everyone knows that the most recommended drugs depend exclusively on the disorder or pain to be treated, so it is essential to consult a specialist.

Although they are usually harmless drugs, knowing what other drugs can or cannot be combined with is essential. Also, you need to know the side effects and dangers of overdose. If you wonder if I can take paracetamol and Nolotil together and you have more questions about these medications, we advise you to continue reading the following FastlyHealarticle.

What is paracetamol for?

Paracetamol [2] is a drug known worldwide for its analgesic power, i.e., it is ideal for getting rid of aches and various discomforts in the body. It also has antipyretic benefits, which considerably help reduce fever. Unlike other similar drugs, such as ibuprofen, paracetamol does not have any anti-inflammatory effect.

This is why paracetamol is prescribed by specialists for various processes that are accompanied by pain, such as dental alterations that generate significant discomfort or those women who suffer severe pain during their menstrual period; however, doctors can also advise it for other processes that are linked to an altered body temperature, for example, being with the flu or a cold.

It is essential to follow the professional’s instructions on ingesting paracetamol and strictly respect the dose. Although it does not usually generate severe side effects, since it is a very safe drug, some people may suffer effects that need to be seen by a professional urgently.

Some patients may suffer from liver toxicity when the consumption of paracetamol is in high and frequent doses. Also, the risk of paracetamol poisoning may be more frequent in people who are alcoholics.

On the other hand, there are very few cases in which acetaminophen can cause acute kidney failure in those who take it regularly. It is essential not to exceed 4 grams per day in adults and 75 mg in children. Therefore, if you have the flu and the person is taking an anti-flu that possibly contains paracetamol, consider the maximum dose that the specialist advises for the case.

When to take Nolotil?

Nolotil [1] is a drug used as an analgesic for different relieve pain, as well as an antipyretic that helps reduce fever and as an antispasmodic, i.e., improves visceral discomfort as it could cause renal colic, so that this drug may be indicated for various disorders.

Although it has an activity similar to that of ibuprofen, thanks to the fact that it also provides efficient anti-inflammatory activity, Nolotil is less aggressive for the stomach; however, it is essential to consult a specialist and follow their instructions on the drugs to be consumed.

One of the side effects of Nolotil and for which many people are afraid of its consumption is that certain patients have stopped producing neutrophils, that is, a type of white blood cells that are so essential for the immune system since, of this Thus, people can be left without adequate defenses and be exposed to various infectious agents that cause different alterations.

The side effect of the alteration in the blood was discovered in the 70s, so Nolotil was banned in various countries such as the United States. However, this adverse effect is infrequent, opposite to another side effect of Nolotil, which is hypotension.

Regular consumption of this drug can cause a drop in blood pressure, and its frequency tends to increase, mainly when Nolotil is administered by injection. Despite everything detailed, there are certain countries where this drug is not prohibited, for example, in Spain, because suffering from a decrease in neutrophils can be strictly related to specific genetic components. In certain countries, its citizens are found to be more protected.

Can I take Paracetamol and Nolotil together?

There is no downside to taking acetaminophen and Nolotil together; no incompatibility or increased side effects of these two drugs are taken together. However, it is somewhat absurd to bring these two medications simultaneously when there is no need to do so. The best way to do it is by first taking paracetamol (or Nolotil) and if within an hour it has not caused any effect, take the other Medication.

If we are going to take them together, it is advisable to combine them every 6 hours. Of course, treatment should always be guided by the opinion and prescription of a doctor.

This article is merely informative, at FastlyHeal .com we do not have the power to prescribe medical treatments or make any type of diagnosis. We invite you to see a doctor in the case of presenting any type of condition or discomfort.

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