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Why is my erection not so hard anymore

by Alivia Nyhan
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The success and quality of an erection depend on many factors that go beyond arousal. The psyche, nervous system, circulation, hormones, and muscles of the penis are some of the actors involved during an erection. Therefore, the duration and rigidity do not always depend on the stimulus, the woman, or the moment. However, when there is an adverse change in erections, many causes must be studied before assuming that we are dealing with a case of impotence or dysfunction.

One of the factors that have the most significant impact on the penis and erections is the passage of time; even though you may have enjoyed long-lasting and consistent erections throughout your life and for some time now, you will notice that when you have an erection your penis is much softer than usual, this is known as a weak erection. It is essential to understand why it happens. If you have begun to wonder, ” why is my erection not so hard “we invite you to read this article by FastlyHealwhere we explain the causes of soft erection.

Causes of soft erection

A soft erection is a functional erection but less consistent; that is, the penis is not as firm, and due to its delicate condition, it may not be fully erect or may not maintain the erection for a long time.

Erectile dysfunction is the male inability to achieve an erection or keep it firm enough for a reasonable time. That is, any problem that is related to the erection represents a cause of erectile dysfunction .

In general, when a man begins to experience problems with his erection, it is due to a habit such as smoking or a health problem interfering with the functioning of one of the actors involved in the erection process. The causes can be so many that they range from an overweight issue to a nerve injury. Here are the most common causes of soft erection:

Heart disease

Heart diseases are the first responsible for affecting erectile function since, in most cases, they compromise the correct blood circulation and affect the blood flow in the veins of the penis, which causes weaker erections. We can say that any pathology that compromises or clogs the blood vessels is capable of affecting erections. Also, high cholesterol can clog arteries, including those in the penis. Hypertension also affects male sexual performance.

Hormonal problems

Any hormonal imbalance, from impaired prolactin to increased thyroid hormone production, can cause soft erections. Examining the endocrine functioning of the body is essential to rule out any disease related to hormones, as it is necessary to remember that conditions such as diabetes cause erectile dysfunction.

Neurological dysfunction

The central nervous system controls all the fearful stimuli of our body. Therefore, any nerve injury can be responsible for having softer erections. Some conditions that can cause nerve disorders are multiple sclerosis, stroke, prostate surgery, bladder problems, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, spinal cord injuries, and pelvic disorders.

Some substances

It is proven that the use of illicit drugs compromises the normal functioning of the penis. Among the common medications considered responsible for causing erectile dysfunction we find alcohol, marijuana, and heroin. Some medications prescribed to treat hypertension, anxiety, depression, and ulcers can cause soft erections even in healthy young men.

Psychological problems

It is believed that 20% of erectile dysfunction cases worldwide are due to psychological problems. Stress, mental fatigue, depression, anxiety, insecurity, fear, low self-esteem, and feelings of guilt can cause soft erections.

Peyronie’s disease

It is a condition that is characterized by an abnormality in the penile tissue associated with a curvature of the penis that can be painful and with erectile dysfunction.


Being overweight, sedentary, eating a diet rich in fat, and smoking are habits that significantly affect a person’s health and can cause heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and erectile dysfunction.

How to know what is the problem with my erection

As we realized, the problems that affect an erection can be physical or functional and psychological. It is essential to know what type of complication affects us to know which doctor we should go to.

Differentiating the source of the problem is very easy: a man has between 4 and 5 natural erections during the night during REM sleep. Also, most men experience an erection upon waking. If this does not happen, whether the problem is physical or functional can be determined. However, in the same way, it will be necessary for the doctor to perform a much more in-depth examination to know the duration and firmness of the erections.

On the contrary, when erections work and fail in certain circumstances, we can say that it is a psychological problem. In some cases, it is also essential to go to a sexologist to get behavioral training and learn to control our thoughts and bad habits to enjoy sex.

How to have a solid and long-lasting erection

As we already learned, having a solid and long-lasting erection does not depend solely on arousal and stimulation but many other factors such as blood circulation, heart health, diet, stress and anxiety levels, and good health. For this reason, in some cases, it is necessary to make some positive changes in our lifestyle to increase sexual potency and enjoy each encounter more:

How healthy

Food influences all of our performance in general; for this reason, eating in a healthy and balanced way is significant to having more robust and longer-lasting erections. Through food, we offer the body the necessary nutrients, vitamins, and minerals to work correctly. It would help if you did not forget to include foods that increase energy and stimulate blood flow in your diet.

Physical activity

Be more active and say goodbye to a sedentary lifestyle. Men who play sports have a lower risk of erectile dysfunction. To change the soft erections for firmer and longer ones, increase your daily physical activity, which will help prevent cardiovascular diseases and stimulate the blood circulation of your penis to offer you more consistent erections. Exercise also helps increase your confidence and self-esteem, reduces stress, and is the best remedy for anxiety and depression.

Say goodbye to tobacco.

Tobacco use increases the risk of erectile dysfunction, as does excessive alcohol intake or illicit drug use. The best thing you can do to enjoy better health is to abandon these drugs that damage your body and directly affect your sexual function.

Reduce stress

Help yourself to be well! Worries cannot dominate your mind. Think that just as you are capable of having a thought, you are also capable of controlling it and putting it aside. Practice relaxation techniques such as yoga and meditation that help your mind travel and be free from the ideas and thoughts that torment you. Also, how long have you not gone on vacation? Well, maybe it’s time to take a break, think about yourself, and seek the stability that you so much deserve.

Postures that promote erection

The classic missionary, the doggy, the catapult, or the trapeze are sexual positions that stimulate the male erection. The man’s body is up and vertical, enabling the correct blood flow in the intimate area.

The following article will explain all the tricks to improve erection.

Foods that improve erections

Foods rich in zinc

Zinc is one of the substances that most intervenes in the optimal testosterone levels, the hormone responsible for male sexual desire and performance. Find zinc in oysters, sunflower seeds, dark chocolate, red meat, liver, and peanuts.

Foods rich in Omega 3

The body does not produce essential fatty acids, so we must increase their intake through food to enjoy their benefits. Omega 3 improves the blood circulation of the body, which favors the firmness of the penis. You can find omega-three supplements or consume them through tuna, salmon, trout, shrimp, prawns, crab, and vegetable oils.

Potassium-rich foods

In addition to promoting blood circulation, potassium increases the body’s energy to have more robust relationships. Banana, coconut, legumes, strawberries, spinach, Swiss chard, and artichokes are rich in potassium.

This article is merely informative, at FastlyHeal .com we do not have the power to prescribe medical treatments or make any type of diagnosis. We invite you to see a doctor in the case of presenting any type of condition or discomfort.

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