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What is the best posture for sleeping while pregnant

by Alivia Nyhan
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During the first months of pregnancy, everything seems to be going well; you sleep eight hours in a row, and you are a little tired, but with a nap, you regain some energy, you are not a slave to the weight of your belly and, despite nausea, vomiting and urge to urinate, your bed is still a pleasant place, and you can move quickly. Yes, the first few months of pregnancy are much easier to manage.

However, as the fetus grows and the belly increases in size, it becomes increasingly difficult to achieve a proper sleeping posture, which directly affects the quality of the rest of the pregnant woman, causing interruptions and insomnia. In addition, the weight of the belly is responsible for back painsciatica pain, decreased blood flow in the legs, and a lot of pressure on the bladder due to the growth of the uterus, symptoms that undoubtedly interfere with the future mother’s sleep. . On your side, on your stomach, on your back, sitting: what is the best sleeping position while pregnant? Find out in this FastlyHealarticle, where you will also find some tips for sleeping during pregnancy.

The best posture for sleeping in pregnancy

The last weeks of pregnancy can be very exasperating: the uterus has grown so much that it constantly presses on the bladder, and the woman feels like going to the bathroom all the time; in addition, the weight causes pain in the back, causing the woman to walk arched and, As if that were not enough when you rest, the odyssey of finding the best position to sleep while pregnant begins.

Women who for most of their lives have been used to sleeping on their stomachs or their backs will find it more difficult, since as their belly grows, it becomes almost impossible to sleep on their stomachs and, if they sleep on their back, the pressure that exerted by the uterus due to its increase in size, in this position it affects the nerves of the back, the intestines and the inferior vena cava, which in addition to being painful also impairs circulation. Hemorrhoids, poor digestion, sciatic nerve pain, heartburn, cramps, and hypotension are consequences of sleeping on your stomach during pregnancy.

So how should I sleep while pregnant? Very simple: Sideways! This position is the most favorable for pregnant women, so if you are used to sleeping on your back or stomach, we recommend that you start trying to sleep on your side at least from the first trimester, which will allow that at the end of pregnancy you are already familiar with the position. It would help if you only worried that your rest is deep.

Although the best position is on the side, experts recommend that you sleep on the left side since this position is also the best position for your baby to stimulate the flow of blood and nutrients from the placenta to the fetus. In addition, this posture helps with good kidney function, allowing the kidneys to eliminate more urine and preventing fluid retention and inflammation of the lower extremities.

Likewise, when the woman rests on the left side, it also prevents the uterus from sleeping on the liver, which is on the right side, and most of the vessels of the spine. Putting a pillow between the two knees can help make this position more comfortable, and the woman can rest.

Tips for a good night’s sleep while pregnant: eat right.

Cut down on caffeine.

Reducing the consumption of coffee, tea, carbonated or energy drinks, and chocolate will be of great help in falling asleep. Avoid eating them in the afternoon or at night, if you do it preferably in the morning.

Drink fluids at the right time

If you drink a lot of drinks in the late afternoon or evening, your body may retain more fluid, swell your feet, have more pain in your bladder, and spend the night visiting the bathroom. Leave the large fluid intake for the morning and early afternoon, and you will notice the difference.

Don’t eat heavy

In almost all their versions, highly acidic foods, fats, and tomatoes can cause indigestion or heartburn. It is best to avoid eating these foods to prevent abdominal pain.

Light foods

Many women experience nausea throughout their pregnancy. To avoid this discomfort while you sleep, eating small portions of food several times a day is customary. The soda cookie or crackers is of great help to prevent nausea during pregnancy.

Relaxation is essential

You may find the best sleeping posture and have the ideal eating habits to avoid nighttime discomfort, but if you’re tense, anxious, or stressed, your sleep will remain poor and unrefreshing. That is why we give you two keys to help you rest better:


Short naps that last less than two hours are ideal for all pregnant women, as they allow you to recharge your energy and reduce physical and mental exhaustion. The last months of pregnancy suggest a lot of fatigue, and the nap helps to reduce it considerably.

Physical activity

Yes, activity is essential and should not be lacking during pregnancy, but we must remember that it is a source of energy. For this reason, during the last few months, exercise in the morning and avoid this type of activity in the afternoon or at night to prevent exercise stimulation from causing insomnia. Relaxing disciplines like yoga and swimming for pregnant women are ideal for you at this stage.

Habits that will help you sleep.

  • Develop a routine half an hour before bed that allows you to rest and go to bed relaxed: read, listen to music, take a bath, meditate.
  • Make your room the most pleasant place in your whole house. Monitor the temperature so that it is neither too cold nor too hot; it blocks light inputs and noise.
  • The bed is for sleeping or making love; avoid being the place where you do other types of activities so that your mind only associates it with rest.
  • If you can’t fall asleep after 20 minutes in bed, get up and do any activity and try to sleep again.
  • If you feel that even lying on the left side, you do not feel comfortable sleeping, try to make your posture more comfortable with pillows. There are particular cushions and pillows for pregnant women that help improve back pain and facilitate rest.

This article is merely informative, at FastlyHeal .com we do not have the power to prescribe medical treatments or make any type of diagnosis. We invite you to see a doctor in the case of presenting any type of condition or discomfort.

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