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What age can you take a baby on a plane?

by Alivia Nyhan
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In the era we live in, it is widespread to travel and go from one place to another by plane, whether for work, necessity, or pleasure. Many people wonder when a baby can travel by plane since these trips worry us more than those we do inland transport. Perhaps it is due to the change in pressures or probably because some people feel fear in this air transport or that it is not our common and traditional method of transportation daily. Therefore, we give it a vision of exceptionality.

For all these reasons, it is normal for it to be a subject that generates doubts and questions, and to resolve them, in this FastlyHealarticle, we want to give you the solution to your doubts and the answer to the following question: At what age can a person travel by plane baby?

Can a newborn baby journey by plane?

A baby can travel from the moment it is born in the different companies. Legally there is no problem for a newborn child to travel, it is allowed, but we want to make a paragraph that legally it is like that, it does not mean that it is the most correct and suitable for your baby, and we will tell you why. We also give you some tips to make the plane trip with the little one more pleasant.

Fluid retention in the baby’s ears

During the first weeks, there is a probability that your baby will have small retention of liquid that his cells will absorb over the days. The fluid retention you may have in the rear area, specifically in the middle ear, could cause discomfort or be a problem if you travel with your child by plane at a very young age.

Therefore, it is recommended that you wait four or five weeks. Thus, this liquid will have already been reabsorbed through your tissues and will not cause discomfort. If you remain this time, the fact of traveling will not cause any hearing problems.

Narrow auditory tube

The auditory tube, known as the Eustachian tube, is a part of the middle ear that connects to the nose. In newborns, it is very narrow because it has not yet fully developed. Because it is so tiny, pressure changes can cause pain in the baby’s ears. That is why it is vital that when there are going to be pressure changes, especially during takeoff and landing, the child sucks, that is, take the breast or the bottle so that they do not notice these pains and balance the pressure in your ears with hardly any pain.

How to take care of a baby on the plane

Now that we know at what age a baby can travel by plane, we will give you some tips to make the journey as comfortable and pleasant as possible for the little one.

Control your hydration

Young children are more prone to dehydration and atmospheric, and pressure changes put stress on the cells of the body that forces them to work more and, therefore, there is a burning of energy and, in particular, absorption of water higher. It is essential to keep your baby well-hydrated, giving him water and milk more often than usual, although this means changing the established habit.

The plane is a space with germs.

If you are going to travel on an airplane with a newborn, you should know that this method of transport is a closed and sealed space in which the air does not regenerate naturally, but through machines, germs, viruses, and bacteria will be present in the air.

A newborn baby is more sensitive to any external attack. Therefore, it is not the most suitable place for his health since his defenses are still being activated, and any germ can be a cause of disease. It is recommended not to take very long flights if you go with newborns, since the longer the journey, the more polluted the air you breathe remains.

Prevent temperature changes

If you have ever traveled by plane, it is common to find sudden temperature changes. It happens that you come from a room temperature and when you enter the aircraft it is freezing or, vice versa, very hot.

You must go with foresight and take these changes into account, as they can make your baby suffer. It will be optimal to bring warm clothing and a blanket if it is very cold or light clothing due to the heat. They are two good options to consider if you plan to travel with your baby by plane.

Have foresight and carry everything you need

As the last point to consider, it is essential to think about what your baby will need to face the trip. From a toy to distract him, the necessary food so that he is not hungry, water in quantity, diapers in case needed to change, etc.

The fact of anticipating and predicting the options that may happen will allow you to go calmly and with total assurance that you have everything you need to ensure your baby’s well-being and, consequently, be more calm or calm.

Finally, remember that for trips of more than 10 hours, it would be optimal to wait for your son or daughter to reach ten weeks. You should also consider that it is not necessary to take a seat on the plane, that some airlines will ask you for proof of the child’s health, and that you must comply with all the safety regulations explained to you when boarding.

This article is merely informative, at FastlyHeal .com we do not have the power to prescribe medical treatments or make any type of diagnosis. We invite you to see a doctor in the case of presenting any type of condition or discomfort.

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