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When Can a Baby Have Ice Cream?

by Alivia Nyhan
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Many mothers doubt whether their child is old enough to have ice cream or if, on the contrary, he should not start to take it yet. With the arrival of spring and the increase in temperatures, it is essential to consider this to know the best time to take them and the maximum amount they should consume.

Of course, there are ice creams that babies can already start to take, but not all of them are recommended. If you want to know everything about whether babies can eat ice cream, at FastlyHealwe give you the answer.

What is ice cream made of

Depending on the type of ice cream, they will be made with some ingredients or others, even with more or fewer nutrients. To give you an idea, this is what these main types of ice cream are made of:

  • Cream or milk ice creams: these are the most nutritious and caloric. Those of cream usually have 8% milk fat, and those of milk less than 2.5%. Therefore, the milk ones would be healthier.
  • Fruit ice creams: fruit ice creams usually also contain some milk or soy to achieve the creamy texture so characteristic. These are perfect if you want something more nutritious to put in their mouths.
  • Popsicles, slushies, or sorbets: these are usually the least healthy since they have a base of ice water with colorants and other additives that give them some flavor.

At what age can babies eat ice cream

The usual thing is that after eight months, you can start giving them some ice cream since this way it will be much more relaxed when it is hot, but before you start giving them, you should ask your pediatrician to be sure that, in your case, there is nothing to prevent you from taking them.

Before that age, it is not recommended since they may contain elements such as eggs or gluten, things that he has not tried yet, and you will not know if they will suit him.

How often can babies have ice cream?

Try not to go overboard when you start giving them since taking too many is not a good thing. At most, you can provide 2 or 3 a week, since although many have milk and are natural, almost all contain sugars and fats, and with these elements, you have to be very careful at any stage of the child’s life.

What are the best ice creams for children?

It must be taken into account that on a nutritional level, ice cream is not equivalent to yogurt or a dairy dessert, fruit, or anything similar, so it should not be abused or used as a substitute for the previous ones for a snack. It is OK to have ice cream if it is boiling, but it does not become standard. You can make it something special for certain days so that he can get into a routine and not have the ice cream whenever he feels like it or that you see that he is hot.

When choosing ice cream for the baby, the most recommended are:

  • Those of fruit or creamy: these usually contain more nutrients than one of ice since that would be equivalent to a soft drink.
  • Better an artisan ice cream than an industrial one: artisan ice creams tend to have fewer additives, and food tends to be more natural, something that we cannot control in industrial ice creams.

Homemade ice cream for babies

You also have the option of creating homemade ice cream for your baby. If you want something healthy and not too complicated, you can try taking one of their yogurts, sticking a spoon or an ice-cream stick, and putting it in the freezer.

This way, you will ensure that the ice cream eaten is the most nutritious, and you could replace it with a dessert.

Food is forbidden in babies.

If your child, apart from taking ice cream, also tends to eat some trinkets, sweets, or pastries, reduce those foods since otherwise, he would be taking too much sugar and fat. If you do not bring sweets, never go over three ice creams a week, four if they are natural.

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