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One of the essential purchases that any couple makes to make all the preparations for the baby’s arrival is to choose an ideal crib to put in the children’s bedroom or the couple’s room. There are different types of cribs for the baby, and two of the fundamental criteria for choosing the ideal crib for the baby is to take into account the child’s age and the space to put the crib. What are the most used? In the following FastlyHealarticle, we show you the different types of baby cots available on the market to choose the model that favors your little one’s rest at all times.

The bassinet crib

This type of crib is, due to its size, one of the most recommended to use during the first months of the baby’s life. The bassinet has a greater height than a standard crib; for this reason, thanks to this elevation, it is more comfortable to use to hold the baby in your arms and cradle him. In addition, another of the significant advantages of a crib with these characteristics is that you can move it naturally around the house depending on your comfort.

The edges of the bassinet must be high enough. Specifically, they must be 27.5 centimeters tall. In addition, the inside of the bassinet must also be padded to promote the baby’s comfort. Bassinets that contain wheels are very useful and practical for moving around different house rooms. Some bassinets can be folded into the shape of a scissor, which offers the possibility of optimizing space to the maximum.

The mini crib

The mini cot complements the usual crib in which the baby sleeps every night. It is a crib that can be easily moved around the house so that the child can be watched while the parents carry out other daily tasks at home. Through this crib, the child can be comfortable in any house room. Using this crib, parents do not have to constantly carry their baby in their arms around the house.

Along the same lines, the portable crib can be easily transported through the house’s different rooms. They are cribs that are also incredibly comfortable for traveling since, as they take up little space, they can be transported with total comfort in the car.

Travel cots

The travel crib is another efficient type of baby crib that parents can buy for their baby. These travel costs are especially suitable for making preparations for a trip, offering the little one the best possible comfort in the place of accommodation. There are folding cribs and removable cribs that provide a better use of space.

The most advisable is to opt for a crib with a cover to avoid possible deterioration when moving. Choosing a six-legged travel cot is advisable, as these ensure better support.

Convertible cribs

Today, there are tiny homes, and couples have to make a great effort to optimize space and achieve practical use of the baby’s room. In this sense, multifunctional furniture is perfectly adapted to this objective of being able to create a valuable room to fulfill different functions. Convertible cribs are a clear example of how a crib can adjust to a child’s growth phases.

Convertible cribs usually have built-in drawers and a changing table. In some models, a trundle bed is even incorporated.

The conventional crib

The conventional crib is the type of crib most used for the baby to rest peacefully. These cribs feature a bar design and padding that also offer excellent security.

Measures like these are the most effective to prevent the baby from falling while sleeping or any domestic accident from occurring during their rest.

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