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The effects of diabetes on male fertility

by Alivia Nyhan
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Diabetes is a disease present worldwide, which may have different symptoms and consequences depending on the type. In 2012, 9.3% of the US population suffered from diabetes for 29 million people. Although it is a controlled disease, it is the cause of millions of deaths a year. One of the effects of this pathology in men is a decrease in fertility. Age is one of the factors that most influences fertility, regardless of whether you have diabetes or not, but this effect is accentuated if the man also has diabetes. In this FastlyHealarticle, we inform you about male infertility due to diabetes.

Effects of diabetes on fertility

Studies carried out on diabetic men showed average sperm values ​​at first glance. Only a slight decrease in the amount of semen was witnessed. However, more detailed analyzes showed that there is damage to the genetic material of the male gamete. According to research from Queen’s University, there is an increase in male infertility that could be related to increased rates of diabetes. Therefore, it has been possible to demonstrate a relationship between increased infertility and diabetes.

Premature aging

The studies also demonstrated the presence of molecules in the male reproductive tract, typical of people of advanced ages, which accumulate progressively over time. The presence of free radicals generates genetic damage in sperm. This deposition of molecules is also influenced by lifestyle and DNA damage from diabetes. Thus, it has been shown that diabetes is behind premature aging of the male reproductive system. This is one of the reasons why a man with diabetes should try to have children as young as possible.

Other diabetes problems

Premature aging is one of the most alarming effects of diabetes on male fertility. However, it does not imply the impossibility of having children, and more research is needed to reinforce the results obtained so far.

Among the problems that can derive from the relationship between diabetes and male infertility are:

  • Erectile dysfunction . It is more common in those of advanced age, with a more prolonged presence of the disease in time. It is one of the causes that can generate more infertility problems since vascular damage occurs in the blood vessels in the area or even neurological alterations. Some treatments can treat erectile dysfunction.
  • Retrograde ejaculation . It appears when semen is directed towards the bladder instead of being expelled during ejaculation. This condition affects male fertility reducing the chances of conception. The semen is subsequently eliminated along with the urine. It is possible to perceive this alteration when detecting a small amount of semen in the ejaculation.
  • Neurogenic bladder . It is a problem caused by a brain condition where a person does not have bladder control. Muscles and nerves are damaged by injury or disease, so they cannot tense up or relax at the right time. This causes problems such as urinating small amounts of urine frequently, difficulty in completely emptying the bladder, loss of control of the gallbladder sphincter, etc.
  • People with diabetes are more prone to urinary tract infections.
  • Sometimes fertility problems in a man with diabetes cannot be linked to any cause.

Aspects to consider

In the case of being a man and suffering from diabetes, it is essential to monitor the disease. Diabetes causes a loss of semen quality, so going to the doctor regularly will be one of the few ways to monitor and reduce risks derived from the disease. In addition, fertility problems can be accentuated if the diabetic person smokes, has a poor diet, and does not exercise.

Diabetes infertility problems can be treated, so they are not synonymous with absolute infertility. In addition, not all diabetic people have to suffer fertility problems or alterations in the quality of semen.

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