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How to know if my sperm are fertile

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Fertility in both men and women is the ability to reproduce and have offspring. This ability is not only related to physiological processes but can also influence environmental conditions and lifestyles. Although it is erroneously believed that the general trend is that women have the greatest desire for children, many men also long for this event. They may find it worrying if they do not achieve pregnancy with their couple after trying for a long time, attributing it to a sterility problem.

If you are one of the men who want to be parents and wonder how to know if my sperm is fertile, we invite you to read the following FastlyHealarticle. This question is resolved, and information on related topics is provided.

Man’s fertility: evolution

Unlike women who have a minimal reproductive age and whose end is marked by menopause, except in some cases, men can have children as long as they produce healthy sperm; that is, the reproductive capacity of men is less conditioned to age.

A man is fertile from 14 to 60, but it is not uncommon for him to father a child if he is older. This is because the quality of semen and sperm can be affected by other conditions and not by age, so young men may be sterile or have difficulty having children.

However, this does not mean that age does not influence fertility, but rather that as we age, the production processes of male sex cells slow down but do not decline drastically as in women. Therefore the quality of sperm decreases slowly. And gradually.

It is generally considered that after 50 years, the health of sperm begins to decline. There is a greater probability that they are affected by oxidation and that their genetic content is altered, preventing it from being carried away. Carrying out fertilization and doing so can result in miscarriages, diseases, and even congenital malformations in the baby.

How to know if my sperm is healthy

With the naked eye, it is not possible to check the reproductive quality of male sex cells. Still, the color and density of the semen can be taken into consideration since a very transparent coloration could indicate a low concentration of sperm or watery consistency. With sperm that comes out like watervery thick sperm or sperm that comes out as white jelly could make it difficult for the gametes to move and not reach the egg.

To know if the sperm is fertile, that is, that they are of good quality, it is necessary to undergo fertility tests in which several characteristics of the sperm are evaluated, among them the following stand out:

  • Sperm mobility must be rapid and progressive.
  • Amount of gametes in a milliliter of semen.
  • Sperm morphology and abnormal shapes make movement difficult.
  • Since it is not uncommon to find dead spermatozoa, the proportion of mobile gametes must be minimal.
  • pH del semen.
  • Sperm volume and viscosity.

How to know if my sperm is fertile

When a man has been trying for a year with his partner to conceive a child, and they have not succeeded, or in his plans to be a father in the future, it is normal for him to wonder how to know if his sperm is fertile. The best way to resolve this question is to undergo male fertility studies.

These studies include a general and specific physical examination of the sexual organs to rule out reproductive problems due to anatomical factors and not poor seminal quality. If no abnormalities are found, the specialist chooses to perform an analysis of the characteristics of the sperm through the monogram, also known as a stereogram or basic spermogram, whose test is the most indicated to determine the fertility of the sperm.

This procedure is essential to maintain total sexual abstinence: no sexual intercourse or masturbation for 3 or 5 days before performing the test. The sampling is obtained by masturbation under correct hygiene measures and is carried out in the clinic to avoid alterations due to external conditions. Subsequently, when evaluating the sample, the standard reference parameters published by the World Health Organization are followed, so a result below the minimum values ​​indicates low semen quality and fertility problems.

Although the main objective of the spermiogram is to evaluate the quality of the sperm and thus know if the sperm is fertile to achieve a pregnancy, the alteration in some parameters can be of help in diagnosing the possible cause of reproductive problems such as an infection. However, since several factors could modify the result, it is advisable to perform the test 2 times with a difference of at least one month and see if the results coincide.

In cases where this test proves the low quality of the semen, the specialist usually requests complementary studies to help determine the cause of this alteration, which may include a hormonal analysis through the blood, semen culture, test fragmentation of sperm DNA, examination of male chromosomes and testicular biopsy.

Factors affecting sperm fertility

As mentioned above, the fertility of male gametes is not significantly affected by age. Still, several conditions occur throughout life that can have a more negative impact on the health of these sperm. Some of these factors can be avoided by having good habits, but in others, their presence is not controlled, and it is essential to see a specialist to find out if the sperm is fertile. Among the causes of low seminal quality, the following stand out:

  • Follow a bad diet.
  • Wear clothes that are very tight in the crotch.
  • Have sexual abstinence for a long time.
  • Smoking constantly.
  • Drinking alcohol in excess.
  • Use drugs.
  • Consume certain medications.
  • Obesity and sedentary lifestyle.
  • Frequent or prolonged exposure to radiation or chemicals.
  • To have a fever.
  • Being constantly under stress, anxiety, or nervousness.
  • Having high blood pressure, diabetes, or cholesterol.
  • Suffering from diseases or disorders in the male reproductive system.
  • Have hormonal disturbances.

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