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The best surrogacy destinations for Spaniards

by Alivia Nyhan
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Surrogacy is an assisted reproductive technique in which a woman agrees to beget another person’s child in her womb. Today, it is still illegal in many countries, although it is a widespread technique in others. Currently, there are different surrogacy programs on the market that help start a family for all those who cannot work independently. Generally, they tend to adhere to this type of surrogacy program for people who have no way of living motherhood or fatherhood on their own, couples who cannot conceive, homosexuals, single people, or women with an inability to conceive (either due to the absence of a uterus, uterine alterations, repeated abortions or uterine malformations, among other). Although it is not a legal system, these are the main groups that usually resort to this method.

Next, at FastlyHeal, we will tell you about the safest destinations for Spaniards, and we will explain in detail one of the best programs that exist in the market, with more excellent guarantees to be able to start a family: the Russia – Canada program, promoted by the agency surrogacy LifeBridge Agency.

Are surrogates allowed in Spain?

According to law 14/2006 on assisted human reproduction techniques, the surrogacy program is not contemplated in Spain, so this method is considered null and void.

In other words, maternity will consistently be awarded to the woman who has given birth to the baby, in this case, to the pregnant mother and not to the intended mother, which is why it is considered an illegal agreement. In this way, surrogacy in Spain is illegal.

For this reason, many couples or single people who require surrogacy to form a family must adhere to legal programs in other countries where this technique is allowed. There may be established legislation in these countries, or there may be an absence of a law that allows or prohibits the method. In the latter cases, the practice may be carried out less safely and may not even have sufficient healthy or legal guarantees.

Safer destinations for Spaniards

Several countries allow surrogacy. Among them, the safest in the United States, mainly because they can access all family models and, for Spaniards in particular, because the program can be accessed with direct affiliation. A court ruling can obtain it.

However, it is not the only country that allows legal, safe, and guaranteed surrogacy. There are others, such as Russia and Canada, in which this practice is widespread, and there are more and more cases of Spaniards who choose them to fulfill their dream of being parents.

Best surrogacy program on the market

LifeBridge Agency has one of the best surrogacy programs on the market; it is the mixed Russia-Canada program, which is more affordable, less expensive, with more excellent legal guarantees, and within reach of all family models.

The Russia – Canada program operates in two prestigious clinics in both countries, one owned by the Lifebridge Agency, Nova Clinic. The program is developed 30% in Russia, where the embryos are generated, and the other 70% in Canada, where the embryo transfer is carried out to the surrogate mother residing in Canada.

The advantage of carrying out most of the programs in Canada is that the intended parents obtain a court ruling that facilitates the procedures for registering the baby on behalf of the future parents. It is also a country with a public health system that allows covering the costs of monitoring the pregnancy (ultrasounds, medical visits, delivery …). Intended parents will have to travel once to Moscow to provide the genetic material and once to Canada to pick up their baby.

Unsafe destinations for Spaniards

If you are thinking of starting a surrogacy program, you should consider those places where it is not safe to carry out this plan, both due to unsanitary conditions and the lack of ethics or respect with which this process is treated.

We are talking about countries like Cambodia, Thailand, Nepal, and India, where lower the program cost. Still, the few hygienic and healthy conditions and the lack of legal certainty can generate problematic situations.

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