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Juices to cure a cold

by Alivia Nyhan
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We have all been victims of the cold at some time in our lives, especially when the rains, cold and seasonal changes become more evident during the year. And it is tough to escape from this condition caused by more than 100 different types of rhinovirus, which are present in almost invisible drops that contain the air we breathe and that have been released by other people when sneezing, coughing. Or blow your nose.

Any rhinovirus can trigger the irritating discomfort of the cold in the body: sore throat, nasal congestion, headache, hoarseness, sneezing, weakness, cough, and decreased appetite. Many over-the-counter medications on the market offer to treat colds and alleviate their symptoms, but we can also get relief from discomfort by consuming foods rich in vitamins and minerals that help us increase our defenses and recover the immune system guaranteeing a speedy recovery. . For this reason, at FastlyHealwe have prepared this article where you can find out which are the best juices to cure a cold.

Orange and guava juice: a vitamin C juice

When we hear “vitamin C,” it is almost impossible not to think of an orange immediately. However, it is time for you to know that the fruit that contains the most amounts of this vitamin is guava. For this reason, we mix in this juice both jewels of nature to offer an antioxidant drink that helps raise the defenses, strengthen the immune systemnaturally fight the cold and reverse the effect of free radicals: at the same time!

Keeping the body hydrated during colds and flu is essential to prevent a lack of fluid from worsening symptoms and causing complications. One of the significant advantages of this juice is that it offers a large amount of fluid to the body because it is made with orange. It helps to avoid body dehydration. Preparing this juice to cure a cold is very easy: follow the instructions!


  • The juice of two oranges.
  • 1 guava with shell.
  • 1 glass of water.
  • Lemon drops.
  • Sugar to taste.

Preparation: Process all the ingredients in a blender, then serve in a glass and check the amount of sugar. Take twice a day, the first when you wake up and the second with food.

Kiwi and strawberry juice to combat discomfort

When a person catches a cold, the inability of the immune system to attack the virus causes the person to fall victim to that feeling of fatigue and weakness. This symptom can be considerably improved by taking vitamin C to increase the production of white blood cells and thus raise the defenses that will help us recover. Both kiwi and strawberry offer this vitamin in their composition that will also help to improve sore throats and headaches and reduce nasal congestion due to its astringent effect. Best of all, this juice is so delicious that you won’t want to stop drinking it.


  • 1 glass of water.
  • Six strawberries, chopped into pieces.
  • 2 peeled kiwis.
  • The juice of half a lemon.
  • Four basil leaves.

Preparation: Process all the ingredients in the blender, serve and sweeten to taste. Take it twice a day, the first preferably on an empty stomach and the second as a snack at any time of the day.

Tomato and celery juice

This is one of the best juices to cure a cold. Tomato is one of the foods rich in vitamin C and flavonoids that help increase the number of immunoglobulins in the body to create the necessary antibodies to fight the cold virus. For their part, celery and lemon help the body purify the blood and eliminate toxins accumulated in it, which helps to improve the symptoms of colds, allergies, and respiratory infections.


  • 1 liter of water.
  • 2 tomatoes.
  • 1 stalk of celery.
  • 1/2 cloves of garlic.
  • The juice of 1 lemon.
  • A handful of malojillo.

Preparation: Process all the ingredients in the blender and serve in a glass. You can sweeten it to taste. Preferably take this juice once a day, on an empty stomach.

Juice three in one: carrot, orange, and beet

The three-in-one juice is one of the most famous for curing colds because it represents a powerful source of potassium, which helps the person have much more energy and dissipate the cold symptoms. Also, this drink is rich in vitamin C, which helps to raise the body’s defenses and fight the virus. The carrot is a vegetable rich in beta carotenes. These substances are transformed into vitamin A in the body and exert an antioxidant action that reverses the effects of free radicals, which are mainly responsible for cell aging and some types of cancer. Beets, meanwhile, help detoxify the body of accumulated toxins responsible for the depression of the immune system.


  • The juice of an orange.
  • 1/2 raw and peeled beets.
  • One medium carrot is raw and unpeeled.

Preparation: Process all the ingredients in the blender, strain the drink, serve in a glass and sweeten to taste.

Lemon and orange juice with celery

As we have mentioned previously, fruits rich in vitamin C are the best to cure a cold, not only because they help raise the defenses but because they promote hydration and fight the typical discomfort of this condition. This juice is to cure a cold, as it is one of the foods rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and cleansers.


  • The juice of two oranges.
  • The juice of two lemons.
  • The stalk of celery.
  • If desired, add four mint leaves.

Preparation: Process all the ingredients in the blender. Then serve and sweeten to taste. Take three times a day.

Tips to cure a cold

Although these juices can help you improve the discomfort of the common cold, you should also take into account other habits that will help you achieve a speedy improvement. Here are some tips to cure a cold:

  • Always keep your neck and feet warm to prevent symptoms such as a sore throat from worsening.
  • The infusions are also delicious to cure a cold; prefer ginger or malojillo, herbs that have healing properties to alleviate the symptoms of this condition.
  • Drink plenty of fluids to combat dehydration.
  • One way to hydrate yourself and boost your defenses at the same time is to eat chicken soup.
  • Avoid cold foods or drinks like ice cream.
  • Take eucalyptus inhalations to relieve nasal congestion.

This article is merely informative, at FastlyHeal .com we do not have the power to prescribe medical treatments or make any type of diagnosis. We invite you to see a doctor in the case of presenting any type of condition or discomfort.

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