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How to stop sleeping with your mouth open

by Alivia Nyhan
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It is very common to see how people from very young ages to the oldest ones fall asleep watching television, in their own bed or in public transport and, after a few minutes, they inadvertently open their mouths and continue sleeping. Many of them do not know if they sleep with their mouths open or not, but the appearance of bad breath or dry mouth can help to know that they sleep this way unless you sleep with someone else.

Sleeping in this way generates certain health complications, such as snoring that in many cases can cause discomfort if you sleep as a couple, but can also warn that something is wrong.

To stop sleeping with your mouth open, it is necessary to know if you do it and what are the reasons that cause this situation. In this way, the most appropriate options can be sought for the benefit of health. In this article FastlyHealyou know why it happens and omo stop sleeping with his mouth open .

Why do I sleep with my mouth open – main causes

The answer to this question can be found in some of these reasons that make up the main causes of sleeping with an open mouth :

  • Sleeping postures: people who sleep on their backs are more likely to sleep with their mouths open, and may even snore.
  • Overweight: is another reason that can cause the person to sleep with their mouths open. This is because being overweight makes the lungs work much harder to perform their functions. Breathing in this way compensates for the imbalance that the lungs have in this circumstance.
  • Respiratory disorders: Respiratory problems range from infections that trigger illnesses such as the flu or the common cold, due to which they lead to obstruction of the nasal passages and the airways in general.
  • Problems in the nasal area: sinusitis , obstruction of the paranasal sinuses or deviation of the nasal septum , can also hinder breathing.
  • Bronchial asthma: it can also cause the sufferer to sleep with their mouths open because they need more oxygen.

These respiratory or weight and posture disorders cause you to breathe through your mouth, this is how you sleep with your mouth open during sleep.

Consequences of sleeping with your mouth open

The fact that you sleep with your mouth open can give rise to some health problems, the ideal is that you know them to combat them as soon as they appear. These are the main consequences of sleeping with your mouth open :

  • Dry mouth and throat.
  • Bad breath.
  • Ronquidos.
  • Headache.
  • Predisposed to gum disease due to the growth of bacteria in the mouth, tooth enamel runs the risk of eroding.
  • The tendency to suffer from cavities increases.
  • Sleep disorders such as apnea .

How to stop sleeping with your mouth open

Implementing certain changes at the time of sleep or carrying out a general check-up with a trusted doctor who specializes in the matter, such as the otolaryngologist , can improve and eliminate this situation for the benefit of the health of those who suffer from it, and even of those who sleep with this person. affected. That is why it is recommended to follow these tips to stop sleeping with your mouth open :

Changes in sleeping position: sleeping on your stomach or on your side can prevent you from opening your mouth during sleep and thus achieve correct breathing.

  • Use nasal tapes: placing these tapes above the nasal septum helps make breathing easier through the nostrils, so you will not have to resort to breathing through the mouth.
  • Use pillows to elevate the head: using high pillows or cushions can keep the nostrils more open, thus improving the passage of air through the nostrils.
  • Practice nasal breathing: from the hand of a physiotherapist, it will be possible to practice breathing correctly, with the purpose of not sleeping with your mouth open.
  • Use nasal sprays: use them or wash your nostrils with the purpose of decongesting them, this will allow the passage of air without difficulty and better oxygenation.

In case you also snore, something very easy if you sleep with your mouth open, you may also be interested in knowing these Home Remedies for snoring .

Benefits of stopping sleeping with your mouth open

There are many benefits that are achieved and among them we can highlight:

  • The quality of sleep improves, it becomes deeper and thus the risk of suffering from various diseases or conditions is avoided.
  • It is also possible to eliminate dry throat.
  • Bad breath does not occur because there are no bacteria that generate it.
  • Goodbye snoring, stop sleeping with your mouth open is the best way to eliminate them.

Getting to sleep without interruptions generates rest and pleasure, greater concentration, increases physical and emotional performance, in addition to multiple other health benefits.

Consult your trusted doctor , who will guide you on what are the recommendations that you should follow according to the symptoms you present, so you can avoid continuing to sleep with your mouth open and have health problems derived from this.

This article is merely informative, at FastlyHeal .com we do not have the power to prescribe medical treatments or make any type of diagnosis. We invite you to see a doctor in the case of presenting any type of condition or discomfort.

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