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Home remedies for head fungus

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Hair is an essential part of what the presence of a person represents. For many people maintaining healthy hair is necessary to feel comfortable with themselves. The scalp from where each hair is born is just as susceptible as any other part of the body to diseases. Some of the most common are, for example, dandruff, dermatitis, or mushrooms. Fungal infections can be complicated to combat due to the resistance of these microorganisms, so it is always favorable for treatment to apply any additional that contributes to recovery. With this article in FastlyHeal, we aim to provide you with new, practical, and straightforward options for these types of infections so that we will explain various how to get rid of the head fungus.

How to identify the head fungus

In the case of fungal infections of the head, the most common of all is ringworm of head, an infection caused by the proliferation and multiplication of microorganisms on the scalp that has specific characteristics, such as:

  • The constant moisture of the hair
  • The presence of injuries or cuts
  • Poor hygiene

They can also be spread by contact with people who have fungi or by wearing contaminated clothing.

The appearance of red and inflamed patches on the scalp, characterized by causing itching, is the most characteristic symptom of a fungal infection in the head. Due to the alteration of the scalp, the hair will grow with deficiencies, making it more fragile.

Yogurt against hair fungus

Yogurt is, perhaps, the best-known home treatment against fungi of practically any type. It exerts its effect because yogurt has beneficial bacteria for the body in its composition and that in contact with fungi, they fight against it, thus producing an antifungal effect. It would help if you washed your head with yogurt, which is generally recommended to mix with some of the other products described in this article.

Lemon for ringworm on the head

The most characteristic component of lemon is citric acid, which gives it its particular flavor and many of its properties. Among the effects of citric acid is to fight microorganisms such as fungi so that it can be efficient against fungal infection in the head, as well as any other type of infection. You can use pure lemon juice to wash your head, but you can get even better results by mixing it with yogurt.

Fungus in hair scalp: apple cider vinegar for scalp

Like lemon, apple cider vinegar has acids in its composition that help fight fungi and other infections. In addition to this, it has a good concentration of antioxidants that contribute to the rapid recovery of the Skin from the injury of the infection. You should mix it with a bit of water and apply the solution to wash your head two or three times a week.

Remove fungus from the scalp with garlic

Garlic is a species that enjoys a high value in natural medicine thanks to its significant number of virtues and benefits. In this case, garlic is effective against head fungi because when consumed or applied to the affected area, it produces an effect that fights many types of microorganisms, including fungi. For its topical application, it is recommended to boil the garlic together with lemon and rosemary for 10 minutes and use the resulting solution on your head daily. However, you can also use garlic oil directly.

Baking soda treatment for head fungus

It is a very effective treatment against fungal infections of the scalp as it attacks the problem from two angles. First, the bicarbonate itself produces a practical antifungal effect against different types of fungi, and second, it has the quality of exfoliating the scalp, eliminating dead cells and dandruff, as well as itching symptoms. You can prepare it by mixing a cup of hot water with a tablespoon of bicarbonate, which you will apply with a massage after washing your hair in the shower, and you should leave it on your head for 5 minutes before washing it with water.

In the following article, we explain all the benefits of baking soda for hair.

Natural oils: home remedies for hair fungus

Various natural oils, such as:

  • The coconut
  • Made of olives
  • The Neem
  • Tea tree

They are characterized by various components that fight fungal infection and promote relief and recovery from the consequences of scalp infection, such as their various vitamins and monounsaturated fatty acids. The oils can be applied by mixing them with or with one of the other options we have presented, such as baking soda or lemon and using it to wash your head at least three times a week.

This article is merely informative. At FastlyHeal .com, we do not have the power to prescribe medical treatments or make any diagnosis. We invite you to see a doctor if you present any condition or discomfort.

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