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Dark spots on the back: causes

by Alivia Nyhan
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Sometimes spots may appear on the skin for no apparent reason. These spots can be pale due to the loss of skin tone, or they can be dark due to a considerable increase in melanin. The disorder in which pale spots appear is known by the name depigmentation, while the dark appearances on the body are called hyperpigmentation.

The skin is made up of cells called melanocytes responsible for producing pigmentation. These cells are loaded with melanin, a substance whose function is to generate skin color, called pigment. If the disorder is pale spots, it indicates that there are few melanocytes, while if it is hyperpigmentation, it suggests the opposite.

The most common alteration is the appearance of dark parts in different body parts. For this reason, at FastlyHealwe want to explain to you about dark spots on the back: causes.

Sun exposure stimulates melanin.

One of the most common causes of dark spots on the skin is exposed to the sun, either for excessive time or exposure to the rays at the least advisable times. This happens because melanin, the body’s substance responsible for coloring the skin, is made in more significant quantities when the skin is subjected to ultraviolet rays.

The areas most prone to dark spots from being exposed to the sun are the back, chest, shoulders, and face since they are the areas most exposed to rays, causing the excessive production of melanin in those places. To avoid this situation, it is essential to use good sunscreen and avoid prolonged exposure between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m.

Years can make spots appear.

As time passes, the body undergoes different changes; one of them is that the outer layer of the skin becomes much thinner, which increases the risk of a skin injury. As the blood vessels are weaker, bruising or bleeding occurs under the skin, causing spots.

In addition, the number of melanocytes found in the body decreases as the years goes by, but the cells that remain in the body enlarge. This could cause dark spots on the back and other body parts. A person may have perfect skin throughout his life, but when he becomes an adult and approaches old age, several spots appear, either due to the skin’s existing weakness or the small number of cells.

Hormonal imbalances also cause blemishes.

Hormones must work properly for our body to be healthy, including the skin. This happens because several hormones determine essential characteristics of this part of the body, such as its color, sensitivity to sunlight, and thickness.

Hormonal alterations occur for different reasons; for example, it is very typical for pregnant women to produce significant imbalances; this can cause dark spots on the back and other parts of the body.

Consuming contraceptives alter melanin.

Taking oral contraceptives can cause a disorder in a woman’s body that changes melanin. This occurs because drugs of this type significantly increase melanin production, causing dark spots to appear.

This disorder occurs mainly when the woman who uses oral contraceptives is exposed to the sun without proper skincare. To avoid the appearance of these types of spots on the body, it is essential to choose a protector with a good SPF of at least 30.

Some tips to avoid stains on the back

If you observe spots on the body, it is essential that you visit a dermatologist; in this way, the cause of the disorder will be identified, and the appropriate treatment will be carried out to make the spots disappear.

On the other hand, if you want to prevent them from occurring or eliminate them from the body, it is essential to avoid exposing yourself to the sun for as long as possible, at least two or three months. If this cannot be fulfilled, sunscreen must be used all over the body to avoid any alteration. Likewise, it is important not to undergo sunbeds or UVA rays, as they can also alter melanin production in the body and cause dark spots.

This article is merely informative, at FastlyHeal .com we do not have the power to prescribe medical treatments or make any diagnosis. We invite you to see a doctor in the case of presenting any condition or discomfort.

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