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Guide to opening a yoga center

by Alivia Nyhan
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If meditation, relaxation and exercise have become the center of your universe and you want other people to discover this ancient practice so that they achieve absolute well-being, it may be time to open your own business and show this practice to others.

We propose you to open your own business that allows you to teach the physical and mental benefits of yoga. Next, in FastlyHealwe discover the guide to open a yoga center . If this world calls you and you want to have your own business, take note.

What is yoga

Yoga is a practice through which it is intended to harmonize body and soul to achieve well-being. This ancient discipline has become one of the best practices for exercising and strengthening the body while working the mind through meditation , asanas (that is, postures) and calming breaths.

More than a practice, yoga has become a lifestyle that has more and more followers. Its origin is found in India, where yoga is part of its cultural, spiritual, social and religious tradition. The more than one hundred types of yoga have reached all corners of the world, where this discipline is practiced on a daily basis.

Open a meditation or yoga center

Currently, yoga is one of the most followed disciplines in the world. Every year, the number of people who join this practice increases by 20%, so opening a yoga center can become a fascinating and, at the same time, profitable project. To start this business, you must take into account several tips that will allow you to better manage your business and, at the same time, enjoy teaching yoga:

  • Business plan : the first thing you should do is write a business plan to open your yoga center. In it, you must assess the initial investment, find a suitable space and determine the risk of opening your own business. Within the business plan you must take into account the initial budget, the cost of services, as well as the marketing actions that will be carried out in order to publicize your yoga center. It is also important to know what types of classes you will give and what price they will have, what your potential market is (clients, ages…) and define the concept of the center. In short, it is important to know the regulations for a yoga center.
  • Legal conditions : within the initial steps when opening your own yoga center, you must take into account all the legal aspects that allow you to continue with your business strategy. Insurance, managers or even business advisors will help you start your yoga center legally. Remember to register as a self-employed person, register with social security and register your business to have the yoga center activity license.
  • Space : finding where you are going to open your yoga center is also important. The space should be appropriate to your needs and you should take into account how many people you will teach your classes, as well as calculate the separation between them in order to be able to practice the exercises well. You must be as realistic as possible. The ideal will be not to capture as many people as possible, if not to teach quality yoga, intimate and that allows students to reach a harmonious balance. Distribution, ventilation and light are some of the conditions that will help you find the best space for your yoga center.
  • Location : according to the search for space, you must take into account certain aspects when teaching yoga classes and establishing your business center, since the options are varied. This practice can be taught from home, you can rent a space to hold classes a few times a week or even open your own space. To do this, also think about the accessibility of the students.
  • Equipment : once you have the ideal space to teach your yoga classes, you must decorate it and equip it with the necessary equipment.
  • Marketing : find a name for your center and promote it to attract customers. Do not forget that it is a business, so strategic actions are very important. Talks, promotional activities, demonstrations, propaganda, social networks … All this will allow you to start your business.
  • Classes : once all the legal and financial aspects have been defined, you must establish what classes you will teach, how long each session will last and what are the best hours for it. Ideally, each session should last between an hour and an hour and a half.

In addition, there are currently yoga software that can help you with business management. But if what you are looking for is the best yoga management program, you can certainly go to BEWE.io, which will facilitate communication with your clients, manage your schedule and offer them the best services and promotions. In this way, you can manage your yoga center, no matter where you are.

Types of classes you can offer at a yoga center

If you are encouraged to open your own yoga center, it is important that you take into account what type of classes you are going to teach. Yoga is a discipline that has more than different styles, so you should focus on some of them. The most popular and demanded are the following:

  • Hatha Yoga : it is the most practiced in the world and the one that is closest to the original discipline. Anyone can practice it, regardless of their physical condition or age.
  • Bikram yoga : it is a style that requires a greater investment, since it requires specific equipment. The conditions to practice it are special; for example, the temperature should be between 40 and 42ºC.
  • Yoga for pregnant women : it is increasingly the order of the day. It allows pregnant women to be stronger during pregnancy, for babies to be healthier and for a stronger bond to be created between them. It is a perfect option to teach it in your yoga center.
  • Kundalini yoga : it is the most spiritual yoga, which is usually accompanied by rituals, songs and incenses. What most characterizes this style are the breaths of fire, which allow you to cleanse the blood and free yourself from stress.

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