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Signs you need to have sex

by Alivia Nyhan
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No one can doubt the multiple benefits of sex for our health. However, we cannot always have sexual encounters with the desired frequency. Either because we do not have a stable partner, because we do, but daily activities and responsibilities have taken us away from intimacy, or even because magic and desire have disappeared, when we do not have relationships with a particular frequency, our body begins to tell us that it is. Need.

Do you doubt it? Well, these ten signs that you need to have sex are the most common way our body tells us that it is time to give it a little joy. Recognize them and reactivate your sexual life to enjoy more pleasant encounters.

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  1. More sexual fantasies

Many of the sexual fantasies that we can have are the product of our subconscious and a clear reflection of our desires. When our sexual life decreases or disappears completely, it is customary to start having a more significant number of sexual fantasies, imagining ourselves in all kinds of situations in which we find the pleasure that, in reality, we do not have.

Even the presence of erotic dreams increases, which usually appear when we have a great accumulated sexual desire without it materializing. When these two signs that you need sex to emerge, it is time to pay attention to what is happening in your intimate life.

  1. You don’t sleep so well.

One of the many properties of sex is that it helps us release endorphins, known as the happiness hormone. A good level of endorphins helps reduce cortisol, which makes us feel more stressed and anxious, so when we have sex, we get better rest and sleep easier.

A prolonged period without sex could interfere with our ability to sleep properly, contributing to insomnia and preventing us from getting a good night’s rest. And if we do not sleep well, we will not be able to be concentrated 100% the next day. For that reason nothing better than an excellent intimate encounter for a productive life.

  1. Your skin looks dull and without radiance.

Sex improves blood circulation, contributes to our organs’ oxygenation, and releases endorphins. All these factors make our skin look healthier, beautiful, and rejuvenated. But when we spend time without sex, the dermis begins to lose vitality, causing the appearance of acne and expression marks to increase.

The psychological factor also influences, by feeling less desired, we also look less attractive, making us perceive wear on the skin more clearly.

  1. You suffer more headaches and migraines.

Have you heard that sex is good for reducing headaches? Well, it is not a myth. Both sexual relations and laughter are excellent pain relievers, and this is because they raise the level of endorphins in the body, hormones that, in addition to making us feel happier, also work as natural pain relievers that affect the central nervous system.

The accumulation of tension and the lack of emotion at the intimate level, together with lower production of endorphins, make headaches and migraines appear more frequently when we do not have a too busy personal life.

  1. Your stress and lousy mood increase

If you have a partner and your intimate life is not going so well, this simple scenario already significantly increases the stress on both. But even in people without a partner, when sex is absent, bad mood and anxiety are much more on the surface than in the case of people with a sexually active life.

We have already explained before, the lower the release of endorphins, the more likely it is that cortisol, the stress hormone, remains high, causing tension and hostility to be always present. We become less tolerable and more sensitive to anything that immediately blows us up.

  1. Your self-esteem is lower.

If it were not enough to feel more stressed, sleep worse, have more headaches or notice how your physical appearance is not the best, this can lead to apparent insecurity and low self-esteem. We wonder why our sex lives are not going well, what happens to us, and if our physical appearance is to blame, a cocktail that makes us feel bad about ourselves.

  1. You get sick more often.

Sex makes us feel in a better mood and, at the same time, is a powerful pain reliever for our body, making our immune system much more robust. When sexual activity decreases or disappears altogether, we are more likely to get sick and contract colds or viruses. At the same time, conditions such as low self-esteem, sadness, or stress make us even more prone to these types of situations, reducing the effectiveness of our immune system.

  1. You feel more need to masturbate

Completely logical! If sexual fantasies and erotic dreams are the order of the day, but we have no one with whom to carry them out, we naturally seek to please ourselves to release the accumulated tension a bit. This behavior is natural and a sign that it is time to pay attention to our intimate life.

  1. You have sexual thoughts more often.

When we have an active and healthy sexual life, we think about sex, but we do it to a much lesser extent than when we are single or going through a pothole in our life as a couple. Then we begin to see everything with a double sexual sense, and we interpret even the most unambiguous signals as something erotic or with a background of this type.

That only means one thing: your mind only thinks about sex, and it is time to give the body what it asks for.

  1. You start to see attractive people that you wouldn’t even look at before

In a normal situation, you would never notice that neighbor or the girl at the corner store … But now you have months without action, and everything looks good! This condition is common in those who have time without a partner and whose sexual activity is minimal or non-existent, so that mixture of desires and crazy hormones makes us see that anyone can be handsome. It is entirely normal and one of the 10 signs that you need to have sex, so pay attention and take action on the matter because it may be time to give your body joy.

This article is merely informative. At FastlyHeal .com, we do not have the power to prescribe medical treatments or make any diagnosis. We invite you to see a doctor if you present any condition or discomfort.

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