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Why is English important in medicine?

by Alivia Nyhan
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Careers in the area of ​​medicine are extremely important to the prevalence of human life. Thanks to them, thousands of people are saved daily, but when English represents a limitation, how can a doctor understand the symptoms that his patient is explaining to him and thus be able to help or even save him? We all know that knowing English is very important, but in the following FastlyHealarticle we will explain in detail why English is important in medicine.

Why learning English is so important

English is the so-called “universal language”, so most of the texts and information that we look for will be found in English. However, in the medical field, not knowing English can be an even greater problem, since unlike other professions, almost all sources of information are in this language, which can already be a barrier to being able to understand. day of the latest scientific advances.

Not only that, but if you are a medical student, you will find that most of the texts with great information about diseases, diagnoses and treatments that will make you read in the race, will be written in English. Very few books and encyclopedias are completely in Spanish.

If you still manage to pass the degree, make no mistake: English will haunt you , since there will be many patients with whom you will have to communicate in English and, as you well know, sometimes the lives of patients who arrive at the hospital come with a countdown.

What if you are a doctor and you don’t know English

Do you keep asking yourself why is English important in medicine? Imagine just for a second, that you find yourself covering a hospital emergency room and suddenly an emergency patient arrives with signs of serious discomfort. When you start to question him to find out what symptoms he presents and find the diagnosis, you realize that the person only speaks English and you do not know that language at all. Maybe you would have to ask for help and while you do that, the patient’s life is in serious jeopardy.

It’s scary, right? This scenario can be very likely in the life of a professional, therefore, it is important to take certain measures and learn English as soon as possible, not only for you, but for your patients.

Advantages of knowing English in medicine

If you were born into an English-speaking family and decide to study medicine, your opportunities will be far above those professionals who only speak their native language. In short, the advantages of knowing English in medicine are:

  1. Greater access to information from updated encyclopedias.
  2. Better communication with patients who speak the universal language.
  3. Greater field of work, you could even give talks abroad.
  4. Greater skill in your field of work due to the great job opportunity.

Private English teachers, a good option

Currently, there are many options available to learn English. Either through a face-to-face course or some online modality that can be performed from the comfort of home. However, there is a third option, which is to go to a private English teacher . In this way, the teaching will be adapted to your level and your professional needs.

English can be learned in less than 3 months if practiced intensively, you just have to adjust your schedule a little so that you can combine work and study, as well as find the learning tool that works best for you and, above all, be interested in knowing everything about that new culture and language, so it will be easier for you to speak it. In addition, the opportunities that would be presented to you would be enormous, not only because of the ease of communicating, but because your field of work would expand significantly.

Do not stay only with English!

The more languages ​​you know, the greater your job opportunities will be In the field of health, more than in others, it is essential to constantly update and learn, since medicine advances by giant steps. Therefore, the more languages ​​you know, the more sources you can turn to to inform yourself and keep up to date with new discoveries and scientific advances.

The tools are designed to make life easier for people, if learning a new language is in your hands, it won’t hurt. You will never know when you might need it or when you could benefit from that learning. The more knowledge you have, the greater the doors that will open to you in the professional and labor field.

This article is merely informative, at FastlyHeal .com we do not have the power to prescribe medical treatments or make any type of diagnosis. We invite you to see a doctor in the case of presenting any type of condition or discomfort.

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