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Tips to avoid lipothymia

by Alivia Nyhan
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Fainting or fainting is the temporary loss of consciousness due to a decrease in blood flow to the brain, this event lasts a couple of minutes, and then the person recovers quickly. When fainting occurs, there is a temporary loss of consciousness, but there is also a decrease in muscle tone and facial skin color. Before fainting, nausea, weakness, and tunnel vision are often experienced, and sounds fade until they are heard very far away.

There can be many causes that oxygen does not reach the brain correctly or is not enough to make a person able to stay conscious and pass out. Some people react to strong emotions with fainting, and others have phobias and faint before them; there are also cases where severe pain can cause loss of consciousness. The truth is that this condition is a very annoying discomfort that no person wants to go through twice; for this reason, in this FastlyHealarticle, we offer you some tips to prevent fainting, fainting, or syncope.

Causes of lipotomy

  • I am fasting for a long time or have poor nutrition.
  • Strong emotions such as fear, anxiety, and even joy can generate excitement in the body, leading to fainting.
  • The places are very tight, which can cause shortness of breath burden and cause fainting.
  • Pain, when chronic, can affect people in different ways. In some cases, some cannot bear the discomfort, and the pain causes the brain to disconnect, and fainting occurs.
  • When the heat is extreme and exceeds 40ºC, a voltage drop can occur that causes fainting.
  • Fainting can also happen when a person is exposed to their phobias.
  • Low blood sugar can also be a cause of fainting.

What to do when faced with a lipothymia

  • Check that the person is breathing and has a heart rate.
  • Place the person in a well-ventilated area.
  • Instruct someone who has fainted to breathe deeply through their nose and breathe out through their mouth.
  • Ask the person to cough frequently to stimulate blood flow.
  • Raise the legs of the passed-out person so that the blood travels faster to the brain.
  • If the person is having a seizure, put something in their mouth to prevent them from biting their tongue and turn it on its side to release the foam. In this case, you should call the emergency service to provide adequate medical attention.
  • Do not give anything to eat or drink to the person who developed the lipothymia.
  • Never leave the victim alone until medical attention arrives.

Tips to avoid lipothymia

One of the best ways to avoid fainting is to recognize early when this condition is about to occur. Fortunately, people can predict when they will pass out due to several symptoms that occur in the body before syncope and allow it to be avoided. We can say that a lipothymia will happen when the person presents:

  • Sudden weakness
  • Pallor.
  • Blurry vision.
  • Cold sweating
  • Weak pulse
  • The person can be semi-unconscious and does not react to certain stimuli.
  • Sudden fall of the person to the ground.
  • Shallow breathing

Ideally, as soon as we notice that the person is about to have fainted, we carry out the aforementioned first aid, specifically:

  • Lift the legs so that the blood flows towards the head.
  • Loosen the clothes to facilitate breathing.
  • Ventilate the victim with fresh air.
  • Check her pulse and lay her down in a cool place.

Fight dehydration

Dehydration, especially in scorching temperatures, can often lower blood pressure and cause you to pass out. One of the tips to avoid lipothymia is to keep the body hydrated; remember that the minimum amount of water that we must ingest per day is two liters, but when we are subjected to a lot of heat, the idea is to increase this amount by double the amount of liquid. Avoiding scorching environments or where there is no good ventilation is also necessary to prevent syncope.

Licorice infusion

Many are the benefits that we can find in some plants of nature. The licorice plant highlights its property to stimulate blood circulation in the body and thus allow better oxygenation due to the correct transit of red blood cells. This power of licorice is of great help in avoiding fainting because it stimulates blood flow to the brain, preventing a lack of irrigation from triggering fainting.

The best way to take advantage of licorice to avoid fainting is to drink a cup of licorice infusion a day, preferably to stimulate blood risk throughout the body. Preparing this infusion is very easy because nowadays, you can find licorice extract in herbal stores. You only have to cook a tablespoon of licorice in a cup of boiling water for 10 minutes, let it rest for 5 minutes and then strain and drink. If you want, you can sweeten it with honey to improve the flavor of this infusion; you can also chew a licorice candy when you feel that fainting is coming.

Rosemary essential oil

Another tip to avoid fainting is to always carry with you, in case you are very prone, a cotton ball moistened with drops of rosemary essential oil. The moment you start to feel the symptoms of impending fainting, take the cotton ball out and put it in your nose to breathe in all the rosemary oil and prevent syncope.

Also, if you feel very weak, this trick to avoid fainting can help you: find a chair and immediately sit down with your head between your legs. This position allows blood flow to reach the brain more quickly, transporting the necessary oxygen so that the person does not pass out.

Ginger candies

Yes, in these times, we have discovered a few situations in which ginger cannot help us. Its medicinal uses are diverse, and this plant is used for everything! Ginger, like licorice, stimulates blood circulation assisting the irrigation of this fluid to be optimal throughout the body.

The ideal way to avoid fainting is to bite into a ginger root when we begin to suspect that a faint is coming; however, as it is not practical to go out with a heart of this plant in your bag, we recommend you always carry one or two candies of ginger for the same benefit. Remember that in any case of fainting, the first thing you should do is lift your legs and breathe fresh air.

This article is merely informative, at FastlyHeal .com we do not have the power to prescribe medical treatments or make any type of diagnosis. We invite you to see a doctor in the case of presenting any type of condition or discomfort.

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