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Massages to eliminate double chin

by Alivia Nyhan
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With time, we begin to see the signs of aging; precisely at age 30, we will start to notice that the muscles of our jaw are more flexible or are losing tension, which gives rise to the fearsome double chin or double chin, causing our face loses its oval shape. Once this happens, it is tough to go back.

However, when the double chin is fatty, that is, it is the product of the accumulation of fat in the neck due to being overweight, there are alternatives such as massages that can help us regain the natural shape of this part of the body, not just to look good. But to feel better about ourselves. In this FastlyHealarticle, you will be able to know what massages consist of to eliminate the fatty double chin and how effective it is.

Massages to eliminate a double chin

The double chin massages are effective when the double chin is caused by fatty tissue, which is when the double chin results from the accumulation of fat in this area of ​​the neck. Why? Because its main objective is to release the fatty acids and toxins accumulated in this area and activate blood circulation through the pressure exerted by the hands on the inner layers of the skin, which significantly improves lymphatic and venous drainage. By manipulating the double chin with our hands, we can loosen the concentrated fat and activate the lymphatic and circulatory system to drive said fat out of the body through urine.

The massages to eliminate the double chin are the same as a reducing massage to drain the fat from the abdomen. They are performed with less intensity because the skin of the neck is much more delicate than that of the belly. Still, the objective and the function they exert in the body are the same: mobilize localized fat outside the body. Therefore, they must be performed by an expert in aesthetic medicine who guarantees their correct application and massages the area properly to avoid causing bruises or injuries.

How is a massage session to eliminate a double chin?

The first thing to do is request a diagnostic appointment with the aesthetic specialist so that he can observe the problem area and, based on the complexity of the double chin, develop a treatment plan that can include one or more massage sessions to eliminate the double chin. It is likely that if the double chin is accompanied by sagging of the skin, the expert recommends attending the massage treatment with other procedures such as radiofrequency or cavitation.

A reducing massage session for the double chin goes like this:

  • The person will arrive at the office.
  • They will ask them to lie down on the stretcher of a room for individual use.
  • The specialist will proceed to apply a cosmetic gel, which may or may not be reduced, to begin to give the massage.

The movements should be made from the bottom up to avoid causing sagging in the area to be treated, and the duration of the massage can be up to one hour. Usually, after the application is finished, the esthetician will wipe off any excess gel that may remain on the neck and apply a firming and moisturizing cream.

The massages to eliminate the double chin should be more relaxing than painful; However, the mobilization of the fat can cause a little pain, and the expert should not exert so much pressure to avoid hurting the skin of the neck, which is very delicate and can wrinkle easily. In general, the results can begin to be observed after four sessions. This treatment is ambulatory, and the person can continue to lead his life generally after each application.

How effective are double chin massages?

Reducing massages applied to any body part is an effective treatment to reduce localized fat and lose size. However, its effect can be lost if the person does not change their eating habits and continues to gain weight. Therefore, if you are thinking of having a massage to eliminate the double chin, we recommend that you moderate your diet and do exercises to stimulate weight loss and obtain better results and a much longer-lasting effect. Take into account the following tips:

  • Cut down on fat, junk food, and fried foods.
  • Drink two liters of water daily to help your body eliminate the fat drained during the massage.
  • Get 45 minutes of exercise five times a week.
  • Increase your intake of fiber and vegetables.
  • Avoid drinking carbonated and alcoholic beverages.
  • Eat protein from lean meat such as skinless chicken, fish, or turkey.
  • He prefers whole grain flours that contain a more significant amount of fiber and help absorb fat from the body and stimulate intestinal transit.
  • We recommend eating this cabbage soup to burn fat.

Other treatments: radiofrequency to eliminate double chin

In some cases, when the double chin is very prominent, the specialist will recommend accompanying the reducing massages with another procedure that we explain below:


Radiofrequency offers to remove fat while tightening the muscle to reduce the sagging of the skin. By applying ultrasound in the area to be treated, fat cells are eliminated, and the heating of the subcutaneous collagen is stimulated, which tightens the skin and hides wrinkles and sagging. The results can be seen from the first session. The more radiofrequency sessions performed, the greater the tightening consequence on the skin. It is an ideal technique for those who have fat jowls and double chins due to aging since it rejuvenates the skin on the neck notoriously.

This article is merely informative, at FastlyHeal .com we do not have the power to prescribe medical treatments or make any type of diagnosis. We invite you to see a doctor in the case of presenting any type of condition or discomfort.

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