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How to set up a massage parlor and attract clients

by Alivia Nyhan
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If you are thinking of starting your own business, you should know the most attractive and valued options among entrepreneurs. Among all of them, the massage center stands out, a perfect choice with which you can easily attract customers. The beauty and wellness sector is the order of the day, and it has more and more followers.

The increase in stress, the high pace of life, and the lack of rest make massage centers an ideal oasis for users, who are looking for a moment of peace, relaxation, and disconnection. If you don’t know how to set up a massage center and attract clients, pay attention to the following FastlyHealarticle. We give you the keys that will allow you to open a perfect and attractive business for anyone.

Requirements to open a massage center

If you are thinking of setting up your message center, you must consider what types of services you will offer and their requirements. Chiromassage or massage is not the same as physiotherapy. For this last concept, it is necessary to have an official degree; however, the degree is not required to be a masseur or chiropractor. However, professional training courses must be carried out to have certain notions.

Although being a masseur is not considered a health profession, it is a job dedicated to health and well-being. Therefore, it is essential to have high knowledge of the massages that you can offer in your center to provide the best service to your clients.

In addition to training, it is necessary to meet specific skills to be able to set up your message center, among which are:

  • Empathy: You will work with people to offer your clients refreshing, healing, and relaxing experiences. It is essential to provide kindness, care, affection, and support.
  • Know how to listen: some clients may have physical and emotional needs. So active listening and learning how to adapt to the client through massage will add value to your service and, therefore, your center.
  • Professionalism: the high level of professionalism and management, both the business and the clients, will add value to the center. The masseuse must transmit security, tranquility, and commitment.
  • Business skills: a massage center is still a business, so you must have business skills to attract new clients, meet the competition, renew yourself, and offer quality services and products to your clients.

In addition, before starting to open your message center, you must know all the options you have at your fingertips for the most arduous task: business management. Therefore, tools like software massage can be of much help as what Bewe.io offers.

How to open a massage clinic

To open your massage center, you have to draw up a business plan, with which you will have to take into account various aspects:

  • Legal form: your massage center will not stop being a business. You will have to give a legal document. To do this, you must consider the type of company you will create, thinking about the activities you will develop, the partners, the responsibility, or the tax obligations.
  • Administration: administrative procedures are essential, including applying for licenses, registration in the Mercantile Registry, or affiliation to Social Security, among others.
  • Investment: it is essential to consider the budget you have to set up the massage center. To do this, you must consider municipal licenses, the rent of the premises, the business insurance, the furniture and material with which you will work, or the computer equipment, among other expenses.
  • Location: it is one of the most important aspects when setting up a massage center. You have to consider where the competition is located and look for an area where it can transmit tranquility and relaxation to customers. In addition to the site, it is essential to consider the rental price.
  • Clients: think about the public that you will have in your center, people who seek to relax, feel at peace and be calm. Think about them when preparing the premises and think about the services you will provide.
  • MarketingMarketing strategies are essential to open a massage parlor and attract clients. For example, it is necessary to find a good slogan for massages and shuffle different names for massage centers to find the most suitable one for your case. And, of course, advertising, both online and offline. For this, think of phrases to sell massages, to be able to be short.

How to get clients for massages – services and products

With the business idea clear and the plan developed, it is time to pay attention to the services that you are going to offer in your message center. We present the most requested types of massages:

  • Swedish massage: this is the essential relaxation massage par excellence. It allows for eliminating muscle tension and improves blood circulation.
  • Aromatherapy: essential oils reduce pain and relieve tension, promoting relaxation.
  • Point therapy is a therapy against pain that can be combined with other massages.
  • Sports massages: they serve to warm up and loosen the muscles; it is ideal for rehabilitation, improving performance, flexibility, and muscle balance.
  • Hot stones: it is one of the most relaxing and sedative. Ideal for combating insomnia and muscle spasms.
  • Prenatal massage: it is ideal for alleviating the discomforts of pregnancy, that the delivery is more accessible, and the mother can recover after giving birth.
  • Foot reflexology: with this therapy, you can heal the pain of other organs through critical points of the foot.

With a wide range of products and services, a good location, and a massage center designed by and for your audience, you will be able to attract clients and set up a thriving massage center.

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