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How to heal a split lip by bump

by Alivia Nyhan
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Wounds on the lips are not easy to heal. In addition to being lax and delicate tissues that tend to bleed and swell quickly, the lips are evident structures permanently exposed to different aggressions that can make healing difficult.

Knowing how to proceed if bleeding is essential, knowing the best way to clean the wound, and having the best advice to take care of your wound in the days after, are just some of the tips you will find in this FastlyHealarticle on how to heal a split lip due to one hit.

Why does the lip swell so much when it hurts

The lips are pretty delicate, not only because they are on the face, but because they are structures filled with blood vessels and nerves, making them very sensitive.

A having a significant vascularization, any minor injury usually drains enough liquid as the damage generates bleeding that swells rapidly mainly. There are so many tiny capillaries that a small cut can bleed a lot, even when it is something superficial.

A wound produced by a blow will likely swell much more than one in which there is only a cut. This is also because the tissues found there are pretty lax and accumulate fluid.

How to heal a split lip by the bump

When the lip is split due to a blow, the two types of injuries we are talking about are added. On the one hand, the damage tends to sell quickly due to an accumulation of fluids inside it. On the other hand, the bleeding is usually abundant, especially when the blow is recent.

Another problem in this area is that if the blow settles on the teeth, there may also be an injury inside the mouth.

So what is the best way to heal a bump split lip ?:

Wash the wound

If the injury is actively bleeding, the first thing to do is wash the area with plenty of water. The ideal is to let the water run and even swish to do a good cleaning inside the mouth.

If the water is cold, better, since in addition to cleaning, it will help the blood vessels close, and that way, the bleeding stops faster and easier.

Although the most important thing is to let the water run, you can also apply an antiseptic. Iodopovidone is a good option since it does not cause as much burning as alcohol or hydrogen peroxide, although you can also use one.

Compress the wound

If blood still comes out after proper washing with cold water, you should compress the tissues. This helps complete the clotting that your tissues are trying to do independently.

The average time that clotting lasts is about 3 minutes. That is why that is the time you should take when properly compressing a wound. If you do it for less time, the damage will likely continue to bleed, and you will need to shorten it again.

Use gauze instead of cotton.

Gauze remains whole and does not stick as much as cotton does to wounds. Therefore, to compress, you should use that type of fabric. If the material adheres to the injury, don’t yank it off. Preferably, let the water run and take off on its own.

If you pull when the gauze or cotton is stuck to the wound, you will likely remove the clot, and the injury will start to bleed profusely again.

What if it bleeds inside?

If the blow has made the wound more critical in the internal part of the mouth and the bleeding does not subside, you can proceed as follows:

  • Swish in freezing water, even if you can put a small amount of ice on the injured area.
  • Inside the mouth, you can use gauze or cotton wool since being wet with saliva makes it more challenging to stick to the wound, but compression from the inside, as dentists usually do in the office, is more appropriate for this type of case.

Apply cold

Placing compresses, cold pads, ice (not direct), or simply cold water is a significant measure that will help to reduce inflammation of the area more quickly. Low temperatures are essential to prevent more liquids from reaching the area.

If you do it several times during the day, your lip will more quickly return to normal.

What if the wound is still bleeding after all?

If you haven’t done a good compression, your wound may require a medical check-up. A couple of stitches will likely be necessary.

I know that doesn’t sound like a desirable option, but when an injury doesn’t heal properly, a more noticeable scar may form instead than if the wound heals faster.

If the edges of the wound are separated, it will take longer to clot, close, and collect a lot of scar tissue.

On the other hand, if the edges of the wound are approximated with one or two points, and your healing is usually good, there is more likely only a tiny line left in the place, not as noticeable as a huge scar.

What if there is damage to the teeth?

This is a fairly common consequence. When a blow is strong enough to split the lip, the teeth are often hit hard.

If you notice any tooth that is a little loose or has come out of place, it is essential to go to a specialized dental center.

Appropriate solutions can be given now since the vascularization of the tooth root is better when the injury has just occurred and worsens as more time is allowed to pass.

Other care for a split lip

So that the wound heals properly, does not become infected or scar, you should take into account the following tips:

Heal the wound every day

Every day you should clean the wound gently. Suppose you have consulted one or a professional. In that case, you must follow their instructions since these may vary according to the type of wound and the experience of each doctor or physician. If you cannot proceed as follows:

  • Wash your hands.
  • Take a clean gauze (or cotton if you don’t have gauze).
  • Apply an antiseptic such as iodopovidone or chlorhexidine to the cloth.
  • Clean the wound with small touches, do not drag the gauze over the injury because you can remove the clot.

Proceed like this for the first two or three days. After that time, if everything goes well, you can wash the wound with mild soap and water. Please make sure there are no remains of it.

After washing the wound, you can apply to rub alcohol to help it dry and heal faster. If when you use it, it burns a lot, it is because your skin is not ready for it. Please wait two days and try again.

Repeat cleaning the wound once a day for a week. Keeping the area clean is essential so that it does not become infected and heals properly.

If you have wounds inside your mouth

The best way to heal these injuries is to keep your mouth clean.

After eating and waking up in the morning, carefully clean your teeth. In the same way, if you should have consulted dentistry because they have suffered from the blow, follow the indications of whoever helped you at that time.

To clean wounds inside the mouth, you can swish with water. If you want, you can prepare a solution with 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda in a cup of water, mix and swish with the mixture.

After several days and if there is no longer a risk of bleeding, you can add a few drops of hydrogen peroxide to the mixture, which favors the antimicrobial effects.

I suggest avoiding commercially available oral antiseptic solutions. These end up destroying the flora of the mouth, so necessary to keep everything in good condition.

Natural medicine

Another option is to use a preparation with coriander seeds. It is prepared at the rate of 1 tablespoon of seeds and 6 tablespoons of water. Let it rest for about 6 hours, and this liquid is used to make swish. It is an excellent anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial.

Applying honey to the injury is also a good option. It will help keep it clean and deflated and prevent intraoral infections.

Avoid the sun

This is key to maintaining a wound on the lips and the face.

The heat makes the tissues remain inflamed, so avoiding proximity to other heat sources is essential so that the area is deflated and heals quickly.

On the other hand, the ultraviolet radiation from the sun that pigments your skin in summer makes the scars also pigment. That is, it helps them to darken and become more visible. Therefore, I suggest that you avoid direct exposure, especially at times of most excellent radiation.

When the wound is well healed, you can cover your head and face with a hat, and you can also apply sunscreen to avoid that unwanted reaction.

This article is merely informative. At FastlyHeal .com, we do not have the power to prescribe medical treatments or make any diagnosis. We invite you to see a doctor if you present any condition or discomfort.

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