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Definition of genetic pool

by Alivia Nyhan
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The term pool refers to the gene pool, known in English as gene pool , of a species or population. It is the entire group of unique alleles present in the genetic material of the individuals that make up a population. As a consequence, this population has some common features that are repeated. Thus, low genetic variability implies greater specialization to the environment and less adaptability to unforeseen circumstances, increasing the chances of extinction. At FastlyHealwe detail the definition of a gene pool or gene pool.

Genetic pool

The gene pool or gene pool is the total set of genetic traits of a subject or of a species. In a population that reproduces by random sexual selection, the distribution of genetic traits follows a normal bell curve.

We must not confuse gene pool with genetic frequency. The first is used to refer to all the genes of a population without taking into account the quantity, and considering the diversity of genes, existing a genetic frequency. The genetic frequency is the amount in each gene of a population, so it is used to express in percentages or decimal numbers. Frequency refers to each gene, and does not consider only the genes that are expressed or the dominant genes. When the frequency remains constant from generation to generation, the population does not undergo any evolutionary change, so it is in genetic balance.

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