Brain orgasms: causes

by Alivia Nyhan
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The phenomenon of cerebral orgasms has been a clear example of the mobilizing power of the Internet, an example of the capacity of this medium to bring people together. Since childhood, there are thousands of people who have felt a strange pleasure, a sweet tingle that ran through their heads and bodies, triggered by sounds and movements. These people, in general, believed that it was expected; others enjoyed it in silence; now, it has been discovered that what happens to them is unique, so special that it only happens to 1 in 1,000 people.

Have you ever experienced this sensation while watching someone get their manicure done? Does it give you pleasure to hear the tinkling of the coins? If you have cerebral orgasms in FastlyHealwe will explain everything about this phenomenon, and if you do not have them, we will discover it for you.

What does it consist of?

The term ASMR is the English acronym for the autonomous meridian sensory response, which refers to a biological phenomenon characterized by a sensation of pleasure. This tingling starts from the head and scalp and spreads to peripheral parts of the body in response. To certain auditory, visual and cognitive stimuli.

The reasons and mechanisms that lead people with ASMR to feel these sensations have not yet been answered, in part because they have not been studied so far. The knowledge of cerebral orgasms, as they have become popular, we owe to blogs and social networks, where a community of “affected” by this syndrome has been formed who have been sharing experiences about a fact that, as they affirm, do not they said because they believed it was expected.

In this way, videos have been appearing aimed at creating this response, expressly devised by and for ASMR. In these videos, there are eminently women whispering into the microphone, with a slow and slow tone, making sounds like the one produced by striking jars with the nails, carefully folding sheets, or crumpling a paper, which leads to this sensory response.

What causes it?

Although it has not been able to be studied in-depth due to its recent appearance, everything indicates that ASMR has since. However, it only manifests itself in 1 out of every 1000 people, those who feel it describe a typology of familiar sensations and triggers that they classify as personalized attention, that is, a teacher attentively explaining to a student how to do something, the crunching sounds such as crumpling paper, slow movements, and whispers.

There is nothing sexual

Many people, especially those who are not capable of feeling it, to whom ASMR seems very strange, generally associate it with some sexual pleasure. Although the term cerebral orgasm has been extended, there is no similarity with conventional orgasms, nor does it produce sexual pleasure. The fact that the videos are carried out by young girls emulating whispers in the ear or making gentle movements induces this error; however, only 0.5% of those who manage to feel these sensations claim to feel some sexual pleasure.

Most of the lucky ones who can feel these sensations say that the first time they experienced it was in childhood, between the ages of 5 and 6; these children experience feelings of pleasure linked to tranquility and peace while the teacher explains to them something, listening to the grandmother’s nails pick on the table or to the sound of a broom rubbing the floor.

Many ASMR uses these videos to calm down and fall asleep before going to sleep, denying what someone who does not know this phenomenon and intuits something similar to sexuality might think.

The power of the Internet

Even though ASMR was something before the Internet, the appearance of this medium has caused the phenomenon to spread and be known. Before the arrival of the network, people lived it as something mysterious that happened to them, and they did not usually comment on it with anyone; now, thanks to the fact that more people have gotten to know it, virtual communities have been created where they share experiences and talk about their feelings with people who do understand them and feel the same as them.

Another thing that has also caused is that cerebral orgasms, which were previously something that only happened fortuitously and uncontrollably, widely spaced in time, can now be self-induced through videos created expressly for it.

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