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What exercises to do if I am thin

by Alivia Nyhan
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It is very common to hear of exercises and diets to help burn fat, lose weight and fight overweight, but what about those people who are very thin and have not found an effective alternative to define their body and increase the contour of their muscles? It turns out that the recipe is exactly the same: diet and exercise , only in a different context so that the body, instead of eating muscle fat, increases muscle mass.

There are many thin people who enjoy the ideal weight, but who are not satisfied with their appearance, who would like to have a slender body with curves, defined arms, a dream abdomen or legs worthy of admiration. If this is your case, we invite you to continue reading this article that is dedicated to those people who often wonder what exercises to do if I am thin and want to shape my figure . No more doubts, here at FastlyHealyou will find all the answers!

Increase volume when you are thin

If you are thin and have looked for some alternatives to exercise, it is common that you have noticed that no matter how much effort and effort you have put in, your body remains the same : this happens to most thin people who want to increase volume or define their body! Why? Very simple, you may be killing yourself in the gym, lifting the heaviest weight or training more than an instructor and your body remains exactly the same due to the following reasons:

  • Your metabolism is so fast that it burns calories at a faster rate than normal and therefore does not allow you to gain muscle mass.
  • The thinness of your muscles is a hereditary factor , because if your parents are also very thin prototype and it is likely that this factor is in your genes and it is much more difficult to combat it.
  • You have more slow-twitch muscle fibers , which help you burn more fat, but they don’t hypertrophy easily and therefore don’t increase muscle mass.

Based on knowing your body, how it works, how it acts according to what you eat and the amount and type of exercise you do, you should go to a specialist to help you create a nutritional and sports routine based specifically on your nutritional needs and muscles, so that through what you eat you can help your muscles to increase muscle mass with the exercise you do.

Diet and exercises if you are slim

When you are thin and you want to define your body, food is as important as sport . Many people who wonder what exercises to do if I am thin do not take into account that they may be doing the ideal routine, but they are eating improperly, and this is the only obstacle they have against showing off the figure of their dreams. Some tips that you should keep in mind when eating if you exercise and are thin are the following:

  • Eat at least six times a day .
  • Eat breakfast very early on a meal rich in protein and carbohydrates such as eggs with bread, oatmeal, protein shakes, etc. Have a full breakfast.
  • Snack between each meal, preferably a protein.
  • Eat before and after you exercise. Before: protein shakes, banana, tuna, egg, chicken, turkey. After: pasta, foods rich in sugar, bread, carbohydrates.
  • Light dinner: salads and proteins.
  • The ideal time for carbohydrates is after exercise, as they give the muscle more energy and allow it to continue working even at rest.

What exercises to do if I am thin: functional training

Functional training is one that invites you to exercise the muscles of the body with the same weight, but forcing them to exert greater force and effort that allows them to decrease fat but increase muscle strength and, therefore, define themselves. This type of training is considered one of the best options for thin people to define their body , and since the exercise is so intense and concentrated, the results are very satisfactory and can be noticed after two months training at least three times. per week.

These types of exercises aim to train all the muscles of the body at the same time, but they also help increase their strength and improve cardiovascular endurance. As the person gets used to the same weight, the exercise does not lose its effect, on the contrary, its intensity and amount of repetitions and series performed by routine must be increased. The idea is to always challenge the muscle to do more and try harder.

Among the most common functional trainings, the following stand out:

  • TRX : it is a suspension exercise that, through the use of flexible bands or ropes, allows to develop muscular strength to increase muscle mass, but also improves balance, cardiovascular capacity, stability and flexibility. It is preferred by all the gym naysayers.
  • Crossfit : perhaps the most effective and fun. It proposes a military type training in the form of circuits, that is, a combination of different exercises that vary in movements, muscles, intensity and effort in the same class. Strength, balance, breathing, flexibility and resistance are some of its premises.
  • At home : nowadays there are any number of tutorials, videos and even virtual trainers that offer to train you from the comfort of your home and through a functional training consisting of squats, push-ups, jumps and concentrated high intensity exercise in a few minutes. The truth is that, although this option is very attractive, there are several risks such as: not exercising correctly, exercising the muscle too much, injury or demotivation. Therefore, if you want to train at home it better be with the help of a coach, really.

Heavy training

Many are the people who find the best results training in a gym, and although these sports centers have many detractors, they have all the necessary equipment for the training of a slim person to be effective and the results are noticed. Why? Because weights are the best friends of muscle mass , because as they challenge the muscle to lift a weight greater than body weight, it is hypertrophied more effectively, achieving its growth and its remarkable definition.

Likewise, when training heavy, muscles continue to burn fat for up to two hours after training, which allows that muscle-building effect to continue, but also represents the ideal time for a carbohydrate-rich diet that makes that active and tired muscle that you just exercised, eat all that energy out of the pasta and use it to grow in size and not fat.

The ideal if you are slim is to start with this type of training and then opt for different alternatives. To be effective you must train at least four times a week and be very constant, if you do, you will see a totally new body after three months of training. Start by using the help of a personal trainer who will teach you how to use all the machines and monitor the correct weight to lift and advise you on how often you should increase it. If you decide on this type of training, here we offer you some recommendations:

  • Lift more weight and do fewer reps.
  • Alternate the muscles that you exercise , the same day that you train legs do not do arms.
  • You can do the sit-ups every day, always increasing the amount so that the muscles do not get used to the effort.
  • Let all the muscles have at least two days of rest .
  • Choose a weight that you can lift up to 10 times in a row, and rest 20 seconds between each set.
  • Exercise each muscle three times a week.

Do not abuse the aerobic

The aerobic exercise or cardiovascular exercise is something that increases through continuous movement breathing resistance and cardiopulmonary capacity, therefore it is a type of exercise that we should not exclude any training, either if you want to lose or gain weight .

However, aerobic exercises such as walking and running are the ones that allow us to burn the greatest amount of fat, therefore, if you are slim and you are at your ideal weight, it is best not to abuse this type of training to avoid losing weight and muscle mass . As this type of exercise is vital for heart health, the right thing to do is to do up to 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise a day, enough to contribute to your health without burning excess fat.

Now that you know what exercises to do if you are thin, get down to work, train constantly, take care of what you eat and you will see how your body begins to change in a positive way.

This article is merely informative, at FastlyHeal .com we do not have the power to prescribe medical treatments or make any type of diagnosis. We invite you to see a doctor in the case of presenting any type of condition or discomfort.

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