Exercises for biceps

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By definition, the biceps is a muscle in the anterior region of the arm, where it covers the coracobrachialis and brachialis anterior muscles. If the fixed point is the shoulder, its primary function is for the biceps to flex the forearm over the arm, or it leads to supination. The natural part of the Biceps is to bend the shoulder joint, although, depending on the reference point we take for the movement, it will perform other functions:

  • It flexes the elbow joint with its origin fixed, moving the humerus and supinating the forearm.
  • Its fixed insertion turns the elbow joint by moving the humerus towards the forearm as in lifting exercises.

List of exercises

Usually, the biceps are muscles that we work the most to see results. There are many ways to muscle our biceps, so that we will recommend some exercises. It is essential to vary the ways of working the biceps to have the necessary stimulus that will allow them to grow and look strong.

A dumbbell bicep curl is the most straightforward and most functional exercise to work the biceps. The most important thing is to take the correct position to obtain good results. Breathing is also crucial: inhale by flexing the forearms and exhale by rotating the wrist outward.

Barbell bicep curl: Very complete exercise that allows you to work the biceps from different angles depending on the position of the grip on the bar. With your hands apart, we will perform the internal part, while with the hands together, the force will recharge towards the outer part.

Bench bicep curl

Exercise that all the force is concentrated in the biceps. It does not work any other secondary muscle. The forearms are flexed with the arms resting on the bench while we breathe in.

Alternating Hammer Bicep Curl

We raise in front of the torso with hand weights and semi-flexed arms.

Supported bicep curl

With a weight in one hand and the elbow resting on the thigh, we flex the forearm while we breathe in to work the biceps muscle.

Pulley bicep curl

With the grip of the pulley handle in supination, we flex the forearm while inhaling. We will be able to work the biceps exclusively.

Biceps with cross arms and high pulley

Placed in the middle of the pulley machine, with the handles taken in pronation, we must flex the forearms while we breathe in and the fists of the hands approaching the head.

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