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Vitamins for brittle nails

by Alivia Nyhan
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The body needs numerous vitamins, proteins, and minerals to stay healthy. When some essential nutrient is missing, different disorders can appear, and, many times, it is possible to observe clear signs that there is a deficiency, for example, in the nails. This is because these structures have daily growth, so that in their constant renewal, there may be a manifestation that some vital nutrient is missing in the body.

The cause of brittle nails can be several, from a poor diet, a fungal nail infection to kidney, liver, or blood diseases, and even direct exposure of the hands to irritants that weaken keratin, as is the case with certain Cleaning products.

There are some vitamins for brittle nails and at FastlyHealwe want to introduce you to the best ones to keep them in excellent condition and, at the same time, keep the body healthy. However, if this condition does not disappear, it is recommended that you go to the specialist to identify what is causing it and give the indicated treatment.

Biotin is ideal for strengthening nails.

Biotin, also called vitamin H or B8, is an essential nutrient since it not only helps keep your nails and hair strong and healthy but also intervenes in the metabolism of amino acids, fats, purines, and hydrates. It’s recommended that:

  • Babies under one year of age ingest 7mcg of biotin
  • Children between 1 and 3 years old should acquire 12 mcg
  • Between 9 and 14 years, the consumption of 20 mcg is ideal
  • Adolescents should ingest 25 mcg of biotin
  • For those over 18 years of age, your intake should be 30 mcg,
  • Women who are breastfeeding should consume 35 mcg of vitamin H.

This nutrient can be found in different foods such as eggs, beef liver, peas, oily fish, walnuts, bananas, tomatoes, brown rice, strawberries, and brewer’s yeast. If you know that you have a vitamin deficiency, you must consult a specialist so that they can give you an ideal treatment and regain adequate levels of vitamins in the body.

Vitamin C keeps nails and hair healthy.

The properties of vitamin C are among the best known, highlighting its antioxidant action and that it increases the defenses, favoring the general well-being of the organism and thus avoiding disorders that could alter the formation of the nails, for example, a fungal infection in them. . As is necessary for the absorption of iron, whose deficit causes a type of anemia and brittle nails is one of its symptoms. In addition, it is involved in the production of collagen, a protein that helps maintain and regenerate various structures, including nails.

To avoid or combat brittle or poorly growing nails, you can consume foods rich in vitamins C, mainly acerola, peppers, radishes, cauliflower, citrus fruits, and animal liver. In general, it is necessary to ingest 90 mg daily in the case of men and 75 mg in women. At the same time, its dose should be higher in women during pregnancy and lactation, smokers, or those who suffer from fractures, inflammatory diseases, or skin.

Vitamin A, avoid layered brittle nails.

Adequate intake of vitamin A in its pure state or as a provitamin provides endless benefits for the body, including helping to prevent collagen breakdown due to external factors and intervening in its formation. For this reason, one of the symptoms of vitamin A deficiency is brittle and slow-growing nails. Also, the antioxidant properties such as provitamin help eliminate harmful substances that are in the body, and that can cause problems in the liver or kidneys, which in turn could be reflected in weak nails.

It is recommended that the daily intake of vitamin A be 1500 mcg in men and 900 mcg in women, and a natural way to acquire it is through foods of animal origin such as cod liver oil, animal liver, and egg yolk; while, as a provitamin, it is found in vegetables such as purslane, carrots, spinach, chard, melon, bananas, raspberries, watermelons, among others.

The following article will discover FastlyHealthe complete list of foods rich in vitamin A.

Folic acid, vitamins for fingernails

Vitamin B9, known more as folic acid, is one of the essential nutrients in nail care. It is instrumental in cell renewal for its involvement in the production of DNA, RNA, and the preparation of the body’s proteins. It is necessary to maintain adequate levels of folic acid so that the cells divide and the growth of the body’s structures is correct, including the formation of the nail.

In addition, it is essential for the manufacture of hemoglobin, so its deficiency and harming cell growth prevent the body from functioning correctly, and the nails are weak, breaking very quickly. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain daily levels of this vitamin of 400 to 500 mcg. You can acquire it by consuming mainly green vegetables, avocado and citrus fruits, seeds and nuts, sunflowers, and walnuts. Legumes also have high amounts, but these decrease with cooking.

Cobalamin, foods to strengthen nails

Although vitamin B12 or cobalamin does not act directly on the formation and recovery of brittle nails, its deficit affects their growth and hardness. Mainly because the lack of this nutrient reduces the production of red blood cells, cells necessary for the proper functioning of the body, and the structures that synthesize keratin do so correctly.

Likewise, together with other minerals and vitamins, it favors cell renewal and, therefore, nail growth. In addition, it helps to absorb nutrients, such as vitamin A and iron, which improve the health of these structures of the fingers, returning their hardness. To acquire this vitamin for brittle nails, you must consume foods of animal origin, such as clams, liver, kidneys, or fish, since it is not found in vegetables.

This article is merely informative, at FastlyHeal .com we do not have the power to prescribe medical treatments or make any type of diagnosis. We invite you to see a doctor in the case of presenting any type of condition or discomfort.

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