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Tips to take care of your dental health

by Alivia Nyhan
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Have strong and healthy teeth taking care of them every day! Maintaining a perfect smile is a task that requires daily dedication to prevent external elements or food particles from ending up stored between our teeth and can cause tartar, cavities or stain our enamel. Tooth brushing is something essential that we must do on a daily basis but, in addition, our hygiene routine must be accompanied by other habits that will make this cleaning more profound and extreme. In this FastlyHealarticle we are going to give you 5 tricks to take care of your teeth with which you can show off a perfect white smile.

The best diet for your dental health

One of the tricks to take care of our teeth lies in the food we take in our diet. More than once you have heard the phrase “We are what we eat” and it is one of the truest statements that exist. The nutrients that we ingest daily are responsible for allowing our body to function properly, that we can have an optimal state of health and that we look good (skin, nails, hair, teeth, etc., will also depend on the nutrients we take).

So, if you want to have healthy and perfect teeth , we start by reviewing the foods you eat. You should bet on a diet rich in fruits and vegetables since they are foods rich in water and, therefore, promote the production of saliva and, with it, its cleaning, but, also, you must eliminate products that can spoil the enamel, such as, for example , coffee or tobacco.

Among the best foods for the teeth we highlight the following:


This fruit is perfect for our teeth to be healthy because it manages to thoroughly clean all the corners of the mouth. Just by chewing a piece of this fruit we will get the food particles that may have remained between the teeth, to be eliminated naturally.

Dairy products

Products such as cheese, milk or yogurt are rich in calcium, a mineral that is perfect for strengthening our bones and, also, our teeth. In addition to this, dairy will provide us with other nutrients such as vitamin D or phosphate that, together, will make our teeth much healthier.

Green leafy vegetables

Vegetables such as spinach, chard, lettuce, etc., are rich in fiber, a nutrient that improves intestinal transit and therefore purifies the body, but also increases saliva production, something perfect for our teeth are cleaner and free of plaque or tartar.

Correct hydration

It is important that you drink 1.5 to 2 liters of water daily to increase the production of saliva and, therefore, the mouth is completely clean since this fluid manages to drag the bacterial plaque.

The importance of proper brushing

In addition to food, another of the tricks to take care of your teeth is that you have a correct brushing routine because, thanks to this, we can eliminate accumulated bacteria, reduce plaque and make our smile appear whiter and brighter. But brushing not only includes the area of ​​the teeth, but also, we must clean other parts of the mouth such as the tongue or gums since dirt can also accumulate here.

In order to properly clean your mouth, it is important that you have a toothpaste that contains fluoride because, in this way, a much deeper cleaning is achieved in addition to dealing with conditions such as bad breath. The brush we use should also be the right one for our teeth and, in general, one that has soft bristles is recommended so that it does not damage the gums or enamel although, if you can, it is best to get an electric toothbrush that It will take care of accessing the most difficult areas of the mouth.

Within this washing routine, the tongue should also be cleaned after finishing with the teeth and gums. The best thing is that you pass the brush from back to front without pressing too much, in this way, you will remove any remaining food or dirt that may have been impregnated on the tongue.

Ideally, this dental cleaning routine should be done right after waking up and then after every meal; Thus, you will have to clean your teeth 3 times a day : in the morning, at noon and at night. With this simple technique you will be able to prevent the bacteria that cause bad breath from forming but also from cavities or other oral conditions.

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Use dental floss to improve the health of your mouth

But proper oral hygiene not only consists of brushing but you should also use dental floss so that the food that may have been embedded in the different pieces can be easily removed. These remains, in the long run, can end up being the origin of future cavities so it is best that you eliminate them completely and, thus, get a 100% clean mouth.

Between the teeth or under the gums are areas that, many times, the toothbrush cannot remove and only with the use of this thread can we clean the dirt effectively. In addition, this habit also manages to avoid bad breath and make our mouths in perfect shape.

It is recommended that dental floss be used once a day and, always, it is more recommended at night because, this way, you eliminate any traces of food that may have remained during the day. You will need to gently tuck it between your teeth, fold it slightly around one of them, and move it up and down or between the sides so that the grooves are completely clean. Repeat this procedure on all teeth for complete hygiene.

The mouthwash, perfect to show off a smile

Nor can we stop using fluoride mouthwash because, with it, we will achieve that the fluoride reaches all areas of the mouth that will already be completely clean and, therefore, will achieve that everything that has not been eliminated by brushing or the dental floss ends up being removed.

Being a product that contains alcohol, it is recommended that we use it at most 2 times a day , this can be in the morning or at night, for example, or when we feel that we need an extra dose of freshness and cleanliness. Pour a little liquid into its own plug and hold it in your mouth by passing it from one side to the other for about 2 minutes, this way you make sure that it is working on all the teeth.

Avoid swallowing the rinse because it is a chemical that can upset your stomach. In the event that you want to clean the throat and eliminate bacteria, you can gargle with this product so that its cleansing action reaches this area of ​​the body.

Visit the dentist regularly

And finally, another of the tricks to take care of your teeth is that you do not stop visiting the dentist. He is in charge of taking care of the health of your mouth as much as possible and carrying out intensive cleaning that will eliminate all the tartar and accumulated plaque. It is recommended that once a year you have a dental check-up to rule out possible conditions or anomalies and, above all, to have a professional oral cleaning.

Once or twice a year you should go to the dentist to do a cleaning and, thus, you can check your teeth and see if you have any presence of cavities, it will also clean all the corners of your mouth and, above all, it will remove the accumulated plaque. It is essential to be able to be in perfect shape and, thus, show off a beautiful smile.

This article is merely informative, at FastlyHeal .com we do not have the power to prescribe medical treatments or make any type of diagnosis. We invite you to see a doctor in the case of presenting any type of condition or discomfort.

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