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Remove spots on the skin with liquid nitrogen

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SkinSkin is the most sensitive organ in the human body. Factors such as sun exposure, the use of highly abrasive products, and aging can affect the health and appearance of the skin, triggering the appearance of spots. Although most skin blemishes do not suggest a threat to the well-being of the body, they do represent an aesthetic problem that many people want to treat.

Cosmetics offers various dermatological treatments to treat skin blemishes. Among the most modern techniques is cryotherapy, an alternative that offers to improve the appearance of skin lesions through the application of liquid nitrogen. To learn more about this treatment, we invite you to read the following FastlyHealarticle about removing spots on the skin with liquid nitrogen.

What’s liquid nitrogen?

Liquid nitrogen is a chemical characterized by extremely cold, to the extent that its temperature oscillates at -328º F (-200 ° C). Due to its frigidity, nitrogen can instantly freeze anything it comes in contact with. In the case of the Skin, when liquid nitrogen comes into contact with the dermis, it freezes it and destroys the cells that make up the tissue, which later dries up and falls off.

Cryotherapy to remove spots on the skin skin with liquid nitrogen

Removing spots on the skin skin with liquid nitrogen is possible through cryotherapy. A doctor should only perform this dermatological treatment since it is hazardous to complete it at home.

The therapy to remove skin spots with this treatment consists of applying this chemical to the SkinSkin with a swab, a probe, or a particular device to treat lesions with nitrogen. The goal is to spray liquid nitrogen on the part of the SkinSkin that contains the blemish to be removed to freeze the cells and destroy the tissue to be treated. The application must be precise to respect the SkinSkin that is not stained and usually lasts between 5 and 20 seconds.

Before therapy, the specialist will likely apply a little anesthesia to avoid pain if the SkinSkin is very abused or the person is compassionate. It is advisable to attend the cryotherapy session accompanied by a trusted person. In general, when you only want to remove spots on the SkinSkin, the liquid nitrogen treatment requires a single session; in the same way, the doctor should suggest the number of applications.

  • Does it hurt to remove spots on the skin with liquid nitrogen? During cryotherapy, you may feel very mild pain since the most predominant sensation is numbness as if ice were applied to the Skin. Then when the dermis begins to thaw, a burning sensation can be felt. This discomfort lasts approximately 5 minutes.
  • What happens to the SkinSkin after the treatment? Once spots on the SkinSkin are removed with liquid nitrogen, the dermis may appear red and swollen. In some cases, blisters or scabs may occur; in either case, these lesions should not be touched to avoid scarring. Similarly, it is essential not to expose the treated area to sunlight.

Results of removing stains with liquid nitrogen

Recovery after cryotherapy is fast; usually, the doctor will indicate if some activities should be restricted, but it is very unusual. After a week, the treated area should be completely deflated, and there should be no scab showing rejuvenated tissue. Depending on the size of ​​the SkinSkin where the liquid nitrogen has been applied, the results may take more or less to appreciate.

Side effects of removing stains with liquid nitrogen

  • The appearance of blisters and scabs in the treated area.
  • Irritation or numbness.
  • The treated area may have a lighter skin color than the rest of the dermis.
  • Loss of hair follicles if liquid nitrogen is applied to hairy areas.
  • If the wound oozes, it is necessary to see a doctor.

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This article is merely informative, at FastlyHeal .com we do not have the power to prescribe medical treatments or make any diagnosis. We invite you to see a doctor in the case of presenting any condition or discomfort.

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