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Mustache stains: causes and treatments

by Alivia Nyhan
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The dark spots on the mustache appear in many women, especially in summer times or when they get the sun. One of the most frequent reasons is that the pigmentation of the dermis is not the same in the rest of the skin as in the upper part of the lip and, therefore, that area looks darker making the face look irregular and unsightly . For this reason, it is important to learn how to treat these spots both with conventional treatments and with natural remedies that will help you whiten your skin and achieve a more homogeneous and uniform tone.

In this FastlyHealarticle we are going to inform you about the causes of mustache spots but we will also indicate the best treatment to reduce them as well as the most indicated home remedies to improve the color of your skin.

Causes of mustache spots

The spots that appear on the upper part of the lip are known by the name of “melasma” and appear because the skin in this area of ​​the face is very delicate and if, in addition, we usually wax it, we make it even more sensitive. You should know that mustache spots are difficult to remove and, in fact, they tend to become chronic spots, but there are some treatments and remedies that can help you whiten your skin and hide them as much as possible.

There are some causes that favor the appearance of these marks on the face, such as the ones indicated below:

  • Do not use sun protection: keep in mind that when we do not use sun protection, UVA rays directly attack the melanin of our skin and, therefore, if we have a greater accumulation in this area of ​​the body, it is likely that it will become darker and, therefore that, is more blackened than the rest of the dermis. In fact, it is advised that, as a minimum, a factor of 50 be used to fully protect yourself from lightning strikes.
  • Taking contraceptives : the hormonal alteration caused by contraceptives can cause spots to appear in the mustache area as it is an extremely sensitive part.
  • Hormonal changes : in the stage of puberty, during pregnancy or in menopause it is possible that these spots may appear on the skin due to the alteration suffered by hormones.
  • Using tar products : some bronzers or beauty creams contain tar or compounds with this derivative and it is a component that can induce marks to appear on the face.

Treat mustache stains

We begin by talking about the medical techniques that exist to treat mustache stains . The first thing you have to do if one appears is to go to the dermatologist to tell you which is the most appropriate method to improve the condition of your skin and, in addition, they will also advise you on practices that you can carry out to improve your condition.

One of the most effective treatments is IPL , that is, “intense pulsed light”, an aesthetic medicine treatment that manages to destroy the melanin in the skin without causing damage; In addition, it is a painless method that does not contain any side effects. Melanin is the hormone that causes the appearance of spots and, therefore, if we destroy it, we will be able to lighten the darkened area that bothers us so much.

If you prefer a more conventional treatment, you can opt for topical creams or ointments on the market that are indicated to reduce hyperpigmentation of the skin. This type of method should always be prescribed by a professional because the choice of the best ointment for you will always depend on the intrinsic conditions of your dermis.

In any case, for any of the treatments for mustache stains to be effective it is essential that, daily, you use a sunscreen cream of 50 because, otherwise, it would be totally counterproductive if we were trying to reduce melanin and that, for On the other hand, we expose ourselves directly to the sun. So both to avoid new spots and to reduce the ones you have, you will have to use sunscreen every day.

Home remedies for mustache spots

If you prefer to opt for home remedies for blemishes, you should know that there are some ingredients that are fully indicated to whiten the skin and achieve a more homogeneous tone. There are many treatments that will help you achieve your goal but, below, we highlight the most effective and simple to prepare, take note!

  • Treat stains with lemon

Lemon is a fruit that acts as a natural depigmenting agent and, therefore, achieves a perfect bleaching effect to hide the stain. To take advantage of its properties, all you have to do is dilute a lemon in half a glass of water and apply it to the area every night before going to bed. Let it act during all hours of sleep and, the next morning, rinse with plenty of warm water and then apply your hydrant cream. In FastlyHealwe tell you in detail everything to remove stains on the skin with lemon .

  • Hydrogen peroxide for stains

This treatment that we indicate below is very effective but it is NOT suitable for everyone since hydrogen peroxide can cause irritation and / or dryness on the skin of the person who uses it. This product is indicated to whiten the skin and, to achieve these benefits, you will have to prepare a homemade mask with the following ingredients:

  • 2 teaspoons of powdered milk
  • 20 drops of hydrogen peroxide
  • 2 drops of glycerin

Mix all the ingredients until you see a paste form; When it is, apply to the mustache area with a cotton ball or with your fingers and let it act for 5 minutes. Then rinse with warm water and repeat the process 2 or 3 times a week. Above all, if you notice stinging or burning with this treatment, rinse it off immediately and try a less aggressive one for the skin.

  • Chamomile and honey for blemishes

Chamomile also acts as a natural lightener since it contains whitening properties that will unify the skin tone; Furthermore, if we add a little honey we will achieve a much smoother result. You just have to prepare a chamomile infusion and add a teaspoon of honey; then apply the mixture to the mustache area and let it act for 15 minutes. Rinse with lukewarm water and repeat that home treatment 2-3 times a week.

In this FastlyHealarticle we give you more ideas so that you can remove skin blemishes in a natural way .

This article is merely informative, at FastlyHeal .com we do not have the power to prescribe medical treatments or make any type of diagnosis. We invite you to see a doctor in the case of presenting any type of condition or discomfort.

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