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How to use garlic for yeast infection

by Alivia Nyhan
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Garlic for yeast infection

Everything is on the Internet today, so you have come to this article, right? But let me tell you that not everything that is said is true. Not all advice on natural healing is trustworthy, much less is it endorsed by professionals.

That is why in this article, you will find reliable information so that you can improve your candida vaginitis once and for all. Garlic can indeed bring countless benefits to your health, and it can even help you fight yeast infection, but do you want to know what works and what doesn’t?

FastlyHealIn this article, we invite you to discover OW using garlic for candidiasis and other tips to help you effectively with your problem.

What is a yeast infection?

Vaginitis or vaginal yeast inflammation is a relatively common problem that usually affects many women. Almost half of women have been reported to have symptoms consistent with this type of infection.

Something that often happens is that yeast appears over and over again. Sometimes, the condition is so essential and annoying that it becomes an entity known as recurrent candidiasis, repeating the episodes more than four times a year, which makes it an extremely uncomfortable problem due to the permanence of its symptoms.

To eliminate yeast infection, it is essential to know why it appears. It is not bad luck, but your habits can lead you to perpetuate this problem. That is why directing treatment to the cause and not just the symptoms becomes essential.

Treatment of yeast infection

It is common for one of the following options to be indicated to treat a vaginal yeast infection:


It is a somewhat creamy pill that is placed inside the vagina. It usually has different components used to treat different types of vaginitis, such as corticosteroids, antifungals, antibiotics, etc.


An antifungal cream may be indicated to treat the symptoms of a vaginal yeast infection. You can control a mild disease, but symptoms often return.

Oral antifungals

It is a more vital medication used to control yeast infections. It is usually administered once a week, and its use can be prolonged for up to 6 months in cases of recurrent candidiasis.

However, if the symptoms reappear despite a complete treatment, it is because you have to do something else. Your body is warning you about an imbalance that you must correct. Otherwise, this or other health problems will likely continue to plague you.

How to use garlic for yeast infection

Vaginal candidiasis tends to become a chronic and recurring problem, especially when lifestyle habits lead you to specific imbalances. This is when other unconventional treatment options take center stage.

Seeking answers a little beyond drugs is usually an increasingly frequent need, but this does not mean that any unsupported recommendation should be heeded. On the Internet, you will find many unreliable articles about treating yeast infection and other health problems.

You may have found that using garlic for yeast infection is an option, but let me tell you that placing it inside the vagina is not appropriate.

Why is it NOT recommended to use garlic in the vagina?

Garlic has remarkable antimicrobial properties that make it a powerful antibacterial and antifungal. Still, it is a powerful substance to place directly in an area as delicate as your genital area.

Suppose you apply garlic directly inside the vagina. In that case, you can cause inflammation, burning, and irritation, and you do not want this to happen, especially when the symptoms of yeast infection are already quite annoying.

Garlic can alter vaginal pH, making it even more challenging to clear the infection.

How to use garlic to treat a yeast infection?

I have told you that garlic has antimicrobial, purifying, and digestive properties. All of this can help you control this infection and so many other imbalances in the body. The good news is that food is the best way to take advantage of its properties.

Most of the imbalances stem from incorrect bodily functioning based on different pillars. The mind, body, and emotions are a whole that many factors can alter.

In this equation, food and, fundamentally, digestion plays a crucial role. If your digestion is not adequate, your whole body will suffer since you will not properly absorb the nutrients that your body needs.

This is where garlic can come into play. Garlic is a sweet food, especially when accompanied by a balanced and healthy diet.

The best way to use garlic for yeast infection is to make the most of its digestive and antimicrobial properties. For this, it is advisable to brown it to incorporate it into your preparations lightly. You can also consume it raw, but if you must first improve your digestion, it is recommended that you combine it cooked and in small quantities.

You can combine it with other spices that improve digestion, such as:

  • Pepper.
  • Ginger.
  • Cumin in seeds.
  • Coriander seeds.
  • Laurel.
  • Cinnamon.

Garlic to treat a yeast infection

On the other hand, you should know that it has been shown in scientific works that certain foods favor the appearance of vaginal candidiasis, such as:

  • Processed: foods with colorings, preservatives, and substances that your body does not need.
  • Excess meat is difficult to digest and generates toxins that tend to accumulate induce inflammation.
  • Excess dairy: especially fermented ones such as cheese and yogurt, dairy with preservatives, or improperly combined.
  • Refined products: flours, sugar, and salt are present in large part of the foods consumed daily and are very harmful to health. They have been shown to promote vaginal yeast infection.

Other tips to improve yeast infection

Other diet-related tips that can help you fight yeast infection include:

  • Add whole grains.
  • Add fresh and seasonal fruits and vegetables.
  • Choose healthy proteins: legumes are the best option. It is advisable to choose only one type of protein per meal.
  • Add healthy fats to your diet: ghee or clarified butter, avocado, seeds (flax, chia).
  • Allow time for digestion: it is preferable to eat whole dishes, digest them and eat again between 4 and 6 hours later.

This article is merely informative. At FastlyHeal .com, we do not have the power to prescribe medical treatments or make any diagnosis. We invite you to see a doctor in the case of presenting any condition or discomfort.

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