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Hard feet: causes, treatment and home remedies

by Alivia Nyhan
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Many people have a hardness on their feet, these injuries are prevalent and are not severe, but they need to be treated in time to avoid discomfort in this part of the body.

The use of inappropriate footwear is one of the leading causes of so-called hardness on the feet. Very narrow shoes, shoes made of rigid or inflexible material, and excessive heat in the feet are factors that can lead to the appearance of this thickening of the skin.

The appearance of these lesions can be accompanied by pain and discomfort, thus limiting the ambulation of the people who present them. For more information, continue reading this article from FastlyHealon calluses on feet: why they come out, how to remove them, and home remedies.

Why does hardness appear on the feet?

Calluses on the feet or hyperkeratosis are thickened lesions that appear in the superficial layer of the skin of the feet due to an increase in dead and scaly cells. This increase in dead cells is caused by excessive or continuous pressure due to the use of inappropriate footwear or a bad footprint.

Among the most common causes of hardness on the feet, we find:

  • Dryness of the skin
  • Circulation problems.
  • Use of inappropriate footwear.
  • Constant friction or rubbing in specific places on the feet.
  • Bad footprint.
  • Foot deformities.

There are areas of the foot that are more prone to hardness, such as the soles of the feet, the heels, or the support points of the toes. Likewise, people who frequently wear high heels or very tight shoes are more likely to have them.

How to remove calluses on feet

If the calluses on the feet are in an advanced state or cause discomfort, it is essential to go to a professional podiatrist to treat them properly. Elimination of these by yourself should be avoided, as there is a risk of contaminating the area and contracting infections.

In the case of mild hardness on the feet or to prevent its reappearance, you can carry out the following care in your day today:

  • Soak your feet in warm water for a few minutes.
  • Exfoliate your feet with coarse salt or exfoliating creams; in this way, dead cells are eliminated.
  • Use a pumice stone to remove the calluses on the feet caused by the accumulation of dead cells in the exposed areas.
  • Use home remedies, moisturizers, or natural oils that hydrate dry areas of the feet daily to heal and prevent calluses.

This procedure can be done 2 to 3 times a week to keep the feet perfectly hydrated and free of calluses.

On the other hand, on the market, several electronic options allow you to remove the hardness of your feet; one of them is electronic files, which are specially designed to remove the hardness of the feet at home in a simple way. These devices consist of a handle that adapts to the hand and is easy and comfortable to handle. They have a high-power motor and a roller and sandpaper that allows them to slide and the subsequent removal of hardness on the feet.

Home remedies for calluses on feet

Home remedies to eliminate calluses on the feet can be of great help. Among those that offer the best results, we find:

  • Aspirin: scientifically known as acetylsalicylic acid, it has an anti-inflammatory effect, which is why it is used to produce creams and scrubs. It is also of great help in the treatment of foot fungus. Crush 6 aspirins, then mix them with water to form a paste and apply it to problematic areas. Leave on for 30 minutes and remove with plenty of water. Lastly, exfoliate the skin.
  • Sodium bicarbonate: has astringent properties and helps eliminate dead cells, which is why it acts as an exfoliant. In a liter of hot water, add two tablespoons of baking soda. Soak your feet for 20 minutes, then exfoliate with a pumice stone. Do this treatment 2-3 times a week.
  • Honey: honey moisturizes the skin naturally; it should be applied in the areas of the feet where there are hardness and dryness. In addition, it has an antibacterial effect and prevents the appearance of fungal infections.
  • Chamomile: it has an anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect, an infusion is prepared in a liter of warm water, and the feet are introduced in this infusion for a few minutes.
  • Apple cider vinegar is another way to remove the hardness on the feet; it helps soften the hardness. You need 100 ml of apple cider vinegar mixed with 1 liter of warm water, this can be applied as a lotion on foot, or the feet are dipped in the solution.
  • Olive oil: the fatty acids in olive oil allow for regenerating the skin of the feet when they present hardness and cracks. Massaging the feet with a few drops of olive oil provides the skin with the necessary lubrication to eradicate or prevent the appearance of these lesions.

How to prevent corns on feet

If you want to prevent the appearance of hardness on your feet, you need to follow the following recommendations:

  • Wear comfortable shoes: you should avoid the use of shoes made of rigid material or plastics; these allow the appearance of injuries on the feet such as corns, wounds, or abrasions. Alternate the use of high-heeled shoes with low-top models; in this way, you will avoid constant friction and make your feet breathe better.
  • Use of stockings or socks: it is recommended to use cotton or natural fiber stockings that adapt comfortably to your feet.
  • Maintain good foot hygiene: when you shower, your feet should be washed with plenty of soap and water; you can also use a pumice stone and some exfoliating cream to keep that skin free of dead cells.
  • Moisturize the feet: the application of moisturizers allows to maintain the moisture of the skin and avoid the appearance of hardness on the feet. The use of foot creams is recommended before sleeping and even after washing.
  • Use pads for the feet if you need them: if you are prone to these injuries, you should use the pads to avoid chafing and the appearance of corns.

This article is merely informative, at FastlyHeal .com we do not have the power to prescribe medical treatments or make any type of diagnosis. We invite you to see a doctor in the case of presenting any type of condition or discomfort.

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