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Does the varicocele hurt?

by Alivia Nyhan
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If you have wondered why your testicles hurt or feel discomfort in this area, one of the causes may be a varicocele. This pathology causes an inflammation of the veins of the testicles responsible for you feeling pain. However, other reasons could be causing such annoyances, and that we will explain in this article. Some people suffer from this problem and do not feel any pain, so it is expected that they may wonder if the varicocele hurts as it develops. For this reason, in this FastlyHealarticle, we will clear up doubts about this swelling of the scrotum veins.

Why does my testicle hurt?

The causes of testicular pain can be various, and it does not necessarily have to be a varicocele when we feel discomfort. This condition most often occurs at puberty, when the male sex organs develop and affect about 10-15% of men. It is a dilation of the veins located in the scrotum that can produce a painless mass. Varicocele affects the left testicle 90% of the time due to the arrangement of the veins. However, it is also possible, being less frequent, that it appears in both testicles, which is known as bilateral varicocele.

Other causes for which you may feel pain in the testicles and that are not related to varicocele are the following pathologies:

  • Testicular trauma. Being very sensitive, a small blow can cause trauma, and, as a consequence, we feel pain.
  • Testicular torsion . It is a defect in the fixation of the testicle whereby the spermatic cord twists, making it difficult for the normal flow of sperm and blood to the testicle itself.
  • Epididymitis. Inflammation of the tube that connects the testicle to the epididymis. It is more common in sexually active men and is usually caused by bacteria.
  • Orchitis . In this case, the testicle hurts from a virus that comes from mumps, although it can also derive from a complication of epididymitis or sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Hydrocele . It is an accumulation of fluid in the scrotum, more frequent in newborns, which tends to disappear a few months after its appearance.

Does a varicocele cause pain?

When a person begins to develop varicocele, it is widespread that they do not perceive any symptoms. Usually, a painless mass attached to the testicle can be seen, and the veins in the scrotum may appear thicker and red. The varicocele symptoms vary depending on the level of dilation of the veins of the spermatic cord, with dilation being possible or not.

Now, does a varicocele hurt? The answer is YES, although not in all cases. As we have explained previously, the appearance of the mass in the testicle generated by the dilation of the veins does not have to be accompanied by pain. However, some people may experience varicocele pain or other discomforts such as pricking the affected testicle, a feeling of heaviness, or abdominal pain. Depending on the affected testicle, the pain will appear in one or both. Also, feeling pain when suffering from varicocele is a more common symptom in adults, while children do not usually suffer discomfort.

Should I worry about the pain?

Considering that varicocele is a progressive condition that develops over time, the possible consequences it can cause will depend on each patient and the degree to which the state is found.

Should I go to the doctor for pain?

Whether you are in pain or not, it is essential to visit the doctor as soon as the swelling in the scrotum is detected. Although there are no other symptoms or discomfort, the varicocele develops, so over time, it can lead to some complications. A medical examination can determine if some type of treatment is necessary. In the worst case, a minor surgical intervention is carried out to solve the problem and eliminate the pain.

Frequently asked questions about varicocele.

Does varicocele cause infertility?

One of the complications of varicocele is infertility, regardless of the degree suffered, since it affects the quality of the sperm. This condition can affect sperm count and mobility and cause tissue damage, reducing their size. We invite you to read this article in which we talk about whether varicocele causes infertility.

Can a varicocele cause impotence?

Another frequent doubt is if the varicocele affects the erection. The truth is that this condition does not directly affect erection, so a person who suffers from this condition does not have erectile dysfunction problems. However, the pain that a varicocele can generate can cause a man to experience problems when having an erection, but in no case would we speak of impotence. In this article, we explain the causes of erectile dysfunction in more detail.

If you are interested in learning more about this condition, in this article, you can read more information about varicocele.

This article is merely informative, at FastlyHeal .com we do not have the power to prescribe medical treatments or make any type of diagnosis. We invite you to see a doctor in the case of presenting any type of condition or discomfort.

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