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Boiling oil burn remedies

by Alivia Nyhan
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No matter how much foresight we have, we can never have zero risk; accidents can happen to anyone, and burns are one of the most common in the home. In the kitchen, the risks increase when we fry food, and if you are in the habit of using this cooking method regularly, we suggest that you be prepared at least in the most basic way if you suffer a burn.

In this FastlyHealarticle, we present the most effective and simple remedies for burns with boiling oil so that you are prepared and attend to this eventuality with the promptness that it requires.

How to deal with an oil burn

First, the heat in the wound must be reduced to prevent the burn and the accompanying pain from spreading further. Placing the burned area in cold water, never ice, as immediately as possible is essential to achieve these effects and clean the wound of oil or other potential contaminants that may have splashed on us.

You should not confuse cold water with ice, as the freezing temperature will increase pain and delay healing. After you feel more relaxed in the wound area and have cleaned it, you should differentiate the degree of the burn. If it is a third-degree (the most serious), the skin will turn whitish and blackened, and much more intense pain. For first and second-degree burns, you can leave it for another 5 to 10 minutes in cold water or proceed with one of the following remedies.

Heal boiling oil burns with aloe vera.

The benefits of aloe vera are many; in fact, this is the leading natural remedy for a wide variety of skin problems, the aloe vera plant being an excellent suggestion that we make to have in your home if you still do not have it, it is like having within reach a very efficient and easy to care medicine. Aloe helps to heal wounds and heal better, leaving you without stains or with very few if you apply it with perseverance and patience. You should make at least three applications for 15 minutes daily until the wound has healed.

The procedure consists simply of applying the aloe vera paste, from a freshly cut aloe leaf, on the affected skin region, being previously clean. This paste is left for 10 to 15 minutes and must be washed carefully.

There are also creams and soaps based on aloe vera and other natural ingredients that you can use to complement the treatment during the day or if you cannot find aloe, but they are more expensive and less effective. This aloe vera therapy has to be applied for several weeks to help optimal healing.

The cubes of frozen aloe are a convenient alternative for burns oil. To do this, you must keep an ice cube tray full of aloe paste in the freezer, and every time you need it, you apply one of the cubes, and it melts slowly on its own. If the cold is too cold, then intermittently remove the ice cube. In this case, it is different from the initial ice restriction since, in that situation, the wound is just opened, and it is a different situation. In this situation, the cube will be beneficial and refreshing.

Olive oil against burns when frying

This is another practical and accessible remedy in any kitchen. Put virgin olive oil on the wound and let it take effect for a long time, at least 40 minutes. Then clean carefully. Its effect is more accentuated in the aesthetic aspect of overcoming the burn. It helps to heal and reduce the risk of spots remaining on the skin so that even it remains soft and smooth again.

Pure honey against skin burns

Pure bee honey, as well as agave honey, has exceptional properties for the skin and hair, which is why it is widely used for cosmetic products. In the face of burns, honey applied topically can help in a natural way to avoid infections in the wound so that the skin recovers its original smooth texture.

In this FastlyHealarticle, we already explained that honey helps heal wounds.

Cucumber slices to treat oil burns

Cucumber is a vegetable product that, placed on our dermis, nourishes the skin, helping it recover optimally and stay fresh. That is why burns can also be treated in a complementary way by placing cucumber slices over the area.

To finish enhancing its effect, you can accompany the application with olive oil, for example, to integrate its benefits.

Tips to avoid oil burns

It is also true that it is better to be safe than sorry. In addition to having an aloe vera plant at home, these other indications can help you considerably to reduce the risks of facing this problem or complicating it:

  • Cooking with less oil: it is still common for many people to use more oil than they need in the food they are preparing. Leaving aside that frying damages the quality of almost everything you qualify for and that you have to reduce the consumption of this type of food as much as possible. In the case of cooking with this method, it is better to use as little oil as possible.
  • Introduce food as dry as possible: the oil splashes not so much because of the temperature but the water. As long as you use food that is not so wet or splashed, everything will be safer.
  • Protect yourself with a lid: If what you cook inescapably splashes, use a pot lid as a shield when approaching to protect yourself from any surprise splashes.
  • Start by lifting the lid from behind: when uncovering, do not first open the container where you fry from the front because if there is oil splashing, prepare yourself and do not splash it on your face. So you use the cap automatically as a shield.
  • Avoid cooking with synthetic clothing: some polyester textiles are flammable or easily irritated when heated, so if a pot or pan with oil is turned over, you will have the oil burn that is already serious and the fiery fabric too.

This article is merely informative, at FastlyHeal .com we do not have the power to prescribe medical treatments or make any type of diagnosis. We invite you to see a doctor in the case of presenting any type of condition or discomfort.

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