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What is the drug Molly and what are its effects

by Alivia Nyhan
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Currently, there is a drug that is gaining ground as the favorite of drug lovers, it is the drug Molly, a substance that many people believe is the purest version of MDMA, the main compound of ecstasy, but no, Molly is much more than that. This drug enjoys an excellent reputation due to the belief that being only MDMA, it is less harmful since this amphetamine was initially created to treat depression.

However, although few people know it, Molly mixes many chemical compounds that make it a highly toxic drug, as indicated by the United States Drug Control Administration. Keep reading this FastlyHealarticle and find out what the drug Molly is and its effects.

What is the drug, Molly?

Many people who use the drug Molly believe they are ingesting capsules or inhaling powder from a purer and even healthier version of the methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA) that makes up the drug ecstasy. But no, Molly is an unproven synthetic drug and one of the most dangerous today, proven in recent DEA statements claiming that only 13% of the Molly drug existing in New York in the last four years contained MDMA. So what does the remaining 87% have? Today Molly is believed to be a mixture of many drugs and medications such as pentedrone, methylone, MDPV, 4-MEC, 4. MMC and MEPP, according to an article reviewed on the website of the news channel CNN.

Molly has become the ideal alternative for people looking to reach the maximum level of euphoria, who want to have intense fun, and who want to get high for the first time. It is the favorite drug of those who attend electronic music festivals and buy this substance because it is a supposed modern version of MDMA. Molly can be found in different presentations; although the most common forms are in capsules and powder, this drug also exists in blotting paper and injectable liquid.

What are the effects of the drug Molly?

Physical effects of the drug Molly

The drug Molly is offered as a more current version of MDMA because it causes similar effects to this amphetamine: it stimulates the central nervous system to generate an intense level of euphoria in the body. A significant increase in heart palpitations, high blood pressure, blood vasoconstriction, sweating, and disruption in temperature control can be noted in the human body. Some of its components can stimulate panic attacks and seizures. After the effect wears off, the person may fall into severe depression.

Sensory and social effects of Molly

Those are the effects for which the drug is sought after in today’s youth population. Those who consume Molly claim to feel more social, kind, and loving with other people; it is said that the drug helps you connect more easily with other people. Molly also diverts people’s attention from negative things to focus on positive aspects. Under the effects of this drug, people have difficulty identifying angry faces, according to tests carried out in 2014.

People high on this substance claim to feel much more sensitive to music and touch, euphoric, happy, and the most incredible energy they have ever experienced. Molly makes people friendlier, lovable, and playful in a social setting. There is also increased appetite and sexual arousal. The effects usually last between 3 and 6 hours.

Dangers of taking the drug Molly

  • Perhaps Molly’s most significant danger is that the DEA assures that each batch of this drug is different; therefore, you never know for sure what is being consumed. It is a kind of Russian roulette.
  • Some batches seized from Molly contained cocaine, bath salts, cough syrup, ketamine, and methamphetamine.
  • It suddenly increases the production of serotonin, the wellness hormone, and depletes its amount.
  • The decrease in serotonin causes a significant depression after consumption.
  • The desire to take drugs increases.
  • Increases nervousness and anxiety.
  • Poor memory and attention.
  • It increases the heart rate, which can be fatal for those with heart disease.
  • Nausea, blurred vision, fainting, and chills.
  • In high doses, it can cause the body to stop regulating its temperature, which can cause hyperthermia that damages the liver and kidneys and can lead to death.

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