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What is cervical impingement and its treatment

by Alivia Nyhan
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Daily stress or possible accidents expose us to various symptoms or problems, one of the areas most affected by stress being the neck or cervical segment in the spine. Some of these consequences can be very dangerous if left untreated and given the time and rest necessary to heal.

Cerebral impingement and pain can compromise our health and performance to a lesser or greater degree (severe) by compressing the nerves that regulate bodily functions and command the movements we do voluntarily. Therefore, they should not be underestimated, and at FastlyHealwe bring you cervical impingement: home treatment and natural remedies.

What is cervical impingement?

Pinching or cervical radiculopathy is a condition caused by I nflamación muscles adjacent to the cervical spine, i.e., the height of the neck to the base of the head. This impingement can also be caused by narrowing/wearing the cervical intervertebral discs. These factors lead to the compression of the spinal cord nerves that extend from it to the neck.

Mild cervical impingement causes pain and discomfort in moving the neck, in addition to:

  • Tingling
  • Numbness
  • Pains in the arms

However, a severe impingement, sooner or later, can seriously compromise your health by completely blocking nerve impulses or damaging these nerves, leading to risks of paralysis and anesthesia in the arms, shoulders, and upper part of the trunk.

Massages against cervical impingement

Home massages are always an easy, accessible, and relaxing alternative to these problems. The simple touch of another person (mainly if essential oils are used) helps relax tensions in any muscle group.

Massages for cervical impingement, in case you want to relax muscles, should focus on circular movements on the sides of the neck, either with the tips of the fingers or with the palm of the hands, without applying too much pressure.

Then perform one-way outward massages, from the neck to the shoulders, and then spread over the entire arm but with much less pressure.

Lastly, back and shoulder massages are also effective. In addition, you can massage the back of the neck in an upward direction (towards the head) with your big fingers.

Cold compresses against cervical impingement.

Cold compresses are the first ally against any acute inflammation, that is, caused by an accident or blow in particular. If this has been the cause of your cervical impingement, apply it to the affected area, making sure there is no direct contact with the skin with a temperature below freezing. If the compress is this cold or using ice, place a cloth in between.

Natural treatment against cervical impingement: heat therapy

Apply a cloth dampened with hot water to the affected area. We are removing every 4-5 minutes to re-soak with hot water. As opposed to cold compresses, this treatment is used against chronic inflammations. In this case, we would speak of a cervical impingement that has already been going on for more than two days.

Home treatment against cervical impingement: turmeric

Another fundamental ally for our integral health, turmeric, also treats cervical impingement. To do this, you can consume it in tea, preferably mixed with black pepper.

Another way to use it is to apply heat therapy with turmeric-heated water. This technique provides a more significant benefit since the contact with turmeric through the skin will help reduce inflammation.

Feeding against cervical impingement

The consumption of foods rich in Omega 3 EPA and DHA, such as oily fish, shellfish, or algae, are significant if we want to overcome any muscle inflammation since they act as a tremendous natural inflammatory. It is also essential for the regeneration and care of our nervous system, which in the case of pinching can be seriously compromised.

In addition, the wear of the intervertebral discs is associated with aging. Still, nutrients in these foods help that said aging is delayed or not so much wear of said discs, among other systems related to this problem.

In your diet, you must add :

  • Whitefish
  • Blue Fish
  • Seafood and seafood
  • Organic egg

On the other hand, you should stay away from the consumption of flour due to its high content of omega six, and thus you will be able to fight back pain in a healthy way by allowing ‘your food to be your medicine and your medicine to be your food.’

Hydrate yourself sufficiently and correctly

One of the causes of disc wear is a lack of hydration or that it is not given optimally. It is necessary to drink enough liquid, which is water (juices or sodas do not count). In addition, drinking even half a glass before bed helps the body hydrate these discs at night, which are worn out during the day.

This article is merely informative, at FastlyHeal .com we do not have the power to prescribe medical treatments or make any type of diagnosis. We invite you to see a doctor in the case of presenting any type of condition or discomfort.

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